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Frontiers in Service Science: The management of data analytics services: New challenges and future directions

Service Science 12 (4): 121–174
Francis de Véricourt, Georgia Perakis (2020)
Management sciences, decision sciences and quantitative methods
Service, big data, machine learning
In this short paper, we discuss the impact of data analytics in services and delineate future research directions for the field. After illustrating how data analytics are transforming different service sectors, we consider the provision of data analysis as a service in its own right. We discuss how the very nature of data and certain features of the machine learning method give rise to new issues and pitfalls for the management of these services, which delineates as many future research directions. We also discuss the co-production of services by humans and machines, and call for more research on responsible data analytics services to tackle some of the most pressing ethical issues in our societies.
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