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Financial Times Ranking

Executive Education

ESMT Berlin is ranked #8 in the world for customized programs, according to the Financial Times Executive Education Ranking 2024.

We transform people and organizations through learning and development

If you are planning a customized executive development program, you are sure to have high expectations. Perhaps you want to succeed in major organizational change, such as creating a learning culture, driving digital transformation, or expanding to a new market. Or perhaps you want to prepare your next generation of leaders to take on new responsibilities and navigate unknown challenges in the future.

As a boutique business school with a proven track record for impact, we invite you to get to know us better.

Key facts about ESMT Customized Solutions

business school
ESMT Berlin is ranked as the #1 business school in Germany by the Financial Times
Ranked 8th for Customized Solutions in the Financial Times Ranking 2024
for aims achieved
Ranked #2 worldwide for aims achieved and #3 for program design in the Financial Times Ranking 2024
Companies impacted by ESMT
Participants served in our programs
Years of experience in creating custom solutions


At ESMT Berlin, we love working with demanding clients – those who want innovative and transformative solutions specific to their organization. 

  • Tailor the program to meet the needs of your organization
  • Learn from world-class faculty
  • Gain insights from academic and industry experts
  • Experience a range of innovative teaching methods in various languages
  • Choose from face-to-face or digital formats


What really sets ESMT apart is the human touch. We care about fully understanding the “job to be done”, and treat the program planning and delivery process as a long-term partnership and open dialogue. 

  • Work with a dedicated team who will work closely with you to design and implement a tailor-made learning journey suited to your business context. 
  • We put the implementation of lessons learned in the foreground of program design, applying various methods to maximize impact for an organization’s business.

Customized program "Enter the Eurozone": what our cooperation partners say about their experience with ESMT


Featured formats

As we develop learning journeys, we pay special attention to the interplay between relevant content and creative formats. What our participants learn and how they learn are inseparable questions. Creative formats, if implemented intelligently, can foster engagement, inspire self-discovery, and motivate learners to apply their learnings in their daily practices.

Learn more about the featured formats in the ESMT publication "The future of executive education. Learning leadership in a digital age" provided below.


Individualized Learning

Our team believes creating personalized learning journeys is the best way to maximize our clients' investment, tailoring both the content as well as the teaching format to fit each individual's career path, learning style, and working context in order to provide the best possible learning experience.

Experiential Learning

As part of our experiential learning approach, we design learning laboratories where participants can experiment with leadership styles and practices. In a safe learning environment, they get to experience failure as well as success, so they can be prepared when they lead real teams on real projects and they can use the experience gained from that to be successful. As a bonus, the sessions are a lot of fun as well.

Blended Learning

Blended learning combines the strengths of asynchronous virtual content, live online interactions, and face-to-face training in order to create new and inspiring learning experiences. With online learning, busy executives gain scheduling flexibility, allowing for better time management. Face-to-face modules stimulate discussion and networking with peers. Done right, blended learning is the best of both worlds. 


Embark on a learning journey with ESMT Customized Solutions

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Head of Business Development, ESMT Berlin

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Tailored Open Programs

Customized programs can be developed around any of our open programs for individuals.