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Two hands holding a symbol of the planet Earth.

ESMT Institute for Sustainable Transformation


Joanna Radeke

Executive Director of the ESMT Institute for Sustainable Transformation

Established by ESMT Berlin, the ESMT Institute for Sustainable Transformation specializes in developing and communicating innovative sustainability solutions, supporting companies in their transformation. It creates and shares knowledge to transform organizations, industries, and value chains towards sustainability.

The ESMT Institute for Sustainable Transformation was founded to accelerate the sustainable transformation of the industry. We provide customized and open executive education programs, along with employee upskilling on sustainability. Our flagship sustainability learning program Leading Sustainable Business Transformation offers comprehensive sustainability education to executives and professionals from diverse roles, empowering them to lead sustainable transformations within their areas of responsibilities. Additionally, we conduct academic research to address real-life environmental, social, and governance challenges. Furthermore, our thought leadership on sustainability is disseminated through our long-standing network, the Sustainable Business Roundtable. We also take the lead in awareness-raising initiatives, particularly addressing the new sustainability challenge of biodiversity loss.

In the news

"Ein Ökosystem für mehr Nachhaltigkeit"

August 1, 2023 | Venture Capital Magazin
Futury supports established companies in their sustainable transformations through the Future Institute for Sustainable Transformation, based at ESMT Berlin, which facilitates the development and spreading of innovative sustainability solutions.

"How business school research can serve the world today"

May 10, 2023 | Forbes
Business schools worldwide, including ESMT Berlin, are embedding sustainability into their programs, research, and campus life to meet the demands of prospective students. Industry-leading insights & research into sustainability can greatly impact global climate efforts.

"Outfittery-Gründerin Anna Alex setzt auf nächsten Nachhaltigkeitstrend"

May 9, 2023 | Handelsblatt
Tobias Raffel, director of the Future Institute at ESMT Berlin, says that out of the 500 largest companies worldwide, only 5% have set biodiversity targets, while 83% of them have climate change related targets.