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BTM Center

Bringing Technology to Market Center

A major industry platform

The Bringing Technology to Market Center focuses on the business challenges facing industrial companies in global markets and develops the strategies that will help them gain a competitive advantage. It is a major industry platform where business expertise and fieldbased research connect to produce the results that shape B2B best-practices and create an enduring impact. The BTM Center profits from an exclusive network of managerial and academic experts who regularly meet in a confidential environment to discuss the most pressing issues of industrial companies, evaluate trends and changes that may disrupt their businesses, and assess counteractions to either avoid or absorb potential losses.

The BTM Center

  • focuses on the strategies of industrial champions in global markets
  • generates and disseminates solid, practicerelevant know-how based on research and collaboration with senior executives from leading industrial companies
  • develops pertinent research publications and case studies
  • transfers knowledge through executive education and consulting.

About the Bringing Technology to Market Center

Mission statement


"The BTM Center was established to foster interaction between business science and management practice. It profits from a strong community of business experts committed to the success of industrial companies in global markets and delivers cutting-edge knowledge on issues concerning current and future business developments."

Olaf Ploetner

Director, BTM Center

Key subjects

  • Bringing digital offerings to industrial markets
  • Revising sales roles when introducing complex service solutions
  • Building corporate structures in times of deglobalization
  • Succeeding in low-price market segments
  • Establishing premium brands in B2B markets
  • Avoiding traps in performance-based pricing
  • Assessing the future success of today’s customers


Bringing Technology to Market Center

ESMT Berlin

Schlossplatz 1

10178 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 21231-8010