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Research areas

The BTM Center aims to generate practice-relevant insights through solid research.

Example research projects

  • Analyzing and Improving the Market Success of Digital Offerings

    Management challenge:

    • Company has developed software and digital services to complement their traditional hardware products
    • Company has faced problems bringing their digital offerings to the market
    • For future market success digital offerings are vital; problems have to be analyzed and measures to overcome them have to be determined

    Key questions covered by this project:

    • What are the most relevant problems in sales (concerning personal skills of sales reps, motivations, organizational framework)?
    • How can the company overcome those problems (concerning recruitment, education, leadership behavior, incentive systems, organizational structures, among others)?
    • Do regional differences have to be considered (Germany – China – USA)?
  • Corporate Governance in Times of Deglobalization

    After decades of growth, the global trade of goods and services has lost momentum. This trend of ‘deglobalization’ has been driven by developments in politics, society, and technology.

    It forces globally active companies to reevaluate traditional government structures that determine the distribution of power within the organization. In this context questions such as the following need to be answered:

    • For which decisions in an industrial company is a revision of organizational structures the most relevant?
    • What are the approaches that exist in practice to adjust a corporate organization?
    • How beneficial is a 2nd or 3rd headquarters? What are the implications regarding HR policy/ the required skill set of future leaders? How can modern technology be used to overcome the challenges of deglobalization in industrial companies?

The BTM Center also offers flexible, proprietary and confidential research and development, carried out by world-class, independent experts, who will be closely available for our partners throughout their contracts. We can help you to solve your problems and build on opportunities. Contact us to learn about how we can help you reach your goals.