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Person reading the BTM conference program

Programs and events

The BTM Center offers diverse formats of executive education programs, workshops as well as events, such as the BTM conference.

Bringing Technology to Market Program

The flagship program “Bringing Technology to Maket” has been designed to provide managers in technology-driven B2B markets with the knowledge and concepts they need to develop growth plans and mitigate risk. Responding to the demands of the global business world, the three program modules will comprise an international group of participants and be run in the three major business regions of the United States, China, and Europe.

BTM Conference

The BTM Conference is for all professionals working in B2B industries.

Former conferences dealt with the following topics:

  • Corporate Globalization meets Industry 4.0 (2018)
  • Cost Traps in Innovative Business Models (2016)
  • Cooperation or Competition (2014)
  • Leading-edge research for B2B practice (2012)