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Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

The key to unlock your professional growth

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management is a university-level certificate offered by ESMT Berlin. To acquire this diploma, candidates have to enroll for a minimum of three program weeks (18 days) spread over a period of 30 months. The postgraduate syllabus covers all major topics on leadership and general management.

This diploma from ESMT is open to all managers with professional experience. For individuals, the diploma is an additional qualification and building block when pursuing their career in senior management. For companies, the program is an opportunity to promote and retain valuable professionals and managers.

Senior executives have the opportunity to obtain a Diploma in Advanced Management by participating in the Executive Transition Program or General Management Seminar.


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Key facts

18 program days within 30 months
Tracks in General Management, Strategy and Leadership, Innovation and Leadership, and Advanced Management


Choose from a variety of programs, grouped into five clusters:


"After a few years on the job I was looking for an advanced training program that could support me in improving my work methodology and raising my management skills. Thus, I opted for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management at the ESMT. My key learnings are:

  • Leadership is based primarily on respect, collaboration and gratitude towards your team - easy to say but very difficult to practice.
  • Try to see the whole picture when making decisions and be aware about their consequences.
  • Negotiations are an interaction between human beings and not between companies, if you are looking for a win-win negotiation start by understanding the culture of our counterpart program is an opportunity to promote and retain valuable professionals and managers.

In addition, this program helped me to expand my network to different industries and to take the next step in my career. Last but not least, being part of the ESMT community keeps me updated about the advances in management."

Mirtha Valenzuela

Elmos Semiconductor AG, Product Segment Manager, Germany

Postgraduate Diploma 2017


"I was looking for new and valuable inputs for accompanying me along a professional promotion. After participating in the program ‘Leading People and Teams’, which made a fantastic first impression on me, I decided to go for the Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) with the ESMT Berlin, which actually ended up in a ‘double PDG’ (general management / technology & strategy).

Beside the teaching method that was perfectly fitting to my expectations, one of the key aspects which motivated my decision was ‘flexibility’. Flexibility in setting the program together depending on my own needs, wishes, interests, motivations. Flexibility in the planning of the programs according to the ESMT framework and to my convenience. I also got some great mentoring from the very beginning of the journey and was guided through the similarities and differences of my target programs. We could therefore put together the best possible PGD plan to avoid repetitions and optimize the learning effects."

Martial Danthois

Head of Basic Development, Principality of Liechtenstein

Postgraduate Diploma 2020

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I enroll/apply for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management?

    A separate registration for the diploma is not necessary. You can put together the programs you want from our open enrollment portfolio by yourself. All you have to do is register for the respective program as usual. You can find the registration form here.

  • Who is the right contact person for questions concerning the Postgraduate Diploma in Management?

    • The business development team of ESMT Executive Education can advise you on questions concerning the contents. You can reach them at +49 30 21231 8085 or+49 30 21231 6205, and
    • For administrative questions, our Admission Office team would be pleased to help you and can be reached at +49 30 21231 3130 or
  • Can I also acquire the Postgraduate Diploma in Management through online courses?

    Yes, it is possible. You can find the overview of our online offerings here.

  • Do I have to take an exam in order to receive the Postgraduate Diploma in Management?

    You do not need to take any exam(s). The only requirement is that you complete your curriculum of at least three weeks, that is, 18 program days, within 30 months.

  • Can I combine the programs of a cluster as I wish?

    For the most part, you are free to combine the programs as you wish. You only need to note the following points:

    • Track Innovation and Leadership: The majority of program days should be selected from this cluster. You are free to choose the remaining minimum of program days as you wish.

    • Track Strategy and Leadership: The majority of program days should be selected from this cluster. You are free to choose the remaining minimum of program days as you wish.

    • Track General Management: Here you should attend at least one program from all three clusters and select the remaining program days according to your personal interests.

    • A combination of German and English language programs is also possible.

    • The only programs that cannot be combined with each other are those with identical contents offered in both German and English.
  • Are there any compulsory programs that I need to attend?

    You are free to compile your curriculum from our program portfolio according to your own requirements and interest. Nevertheless, a few points should be kept in mind:

    • In the tracks Innovation and Leadership and Strategy and Leadership, it is necessary to complete the majority of programs from the selected main cluster; you are free to choose the remaining program days from other clusters.

    • Example: You have attended 12 days in Innovation and Leadership, and there is another program in this cluster that interests you; in this case, you can choose both from this cluster and also from the other clusters.

    • In the track General Management, one program from each of the pertinent clusters must be attended. If further program days are needed, you can select these according to your personal interests.
  • Do I have to make up any program days missed?

    For the Postgraduate Diploma in Management, the candidate must have participated in at least 18 program days within 30 months. For the purpose of acquiring the diploma, it is the number of program days actually attended that counts. Accordingly, any program days that are missed must be made up or compensated for through other program days.

  • Do I need to achieve the exact number of program days?

    It is not necessary to achieve the exact number of program days. However, it must be at least 18 program days. Depending on the combination of the programs and, in particular, on your requirements and interests, it can also be a few days more.

  • What status does the Postgraduate Diploma in Management have?

    The Postgraduate Diploma in Management is a qualification awarded by ESMT, a state-accredited, private business school. It is open to all managers with professional experience.

    For individuals, the diploma means an additional qualification and, consequently, an element on which to build their further management careers.

    For companies it offers the opportunity of advancing high-performance managers and of strengthening their commitment to the company by these means.

  • Can the Postgraduate Diploma in Management be credited to an Executive MBA or MBA?

    This is not possible. For the programs attended, we do not award any ECTS credits, which are eligible to count toward an Executive MBA.

  • What are the costs for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management?

    Depending on the curriculum chosen, the diploma costs between €23,000 and €29,000.

  • If I complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, can I get discounts on the individual program prices?

    Upon the completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management, ESMT doesn’t provide discounts on the individual programs. However, ESMT provides scholarship programs for women. Should you be interested, you may find more information here.

  • Can ESMT programs that I have attended in the past be credited against the Postgraduate Diploma in Management?

    • Yes, both open and in-house programs can be credited.

    • Whether – and how many of – the programs already attended can be credited depends upon the time elapsed since the program was attended and the time frame in which the remaining program days can be completed. The same applies here: You need to finish the 18 seminar days in 30 months.

    • The extent to which your participation in a company program can be credited, on the basis of content tailored to the individual needs of the company, is decided in internal consultation with the Program Director.
  • I already have a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from ESMT, but I would like to acquire an additional diploma from a different track. Can parts of the program days already completed be credited?

    It is not possible to credit programs already attended. You are welcome to acquire a second Postgraduate Diploma in Management with a different focus. Here again the key points of 30 months and 18 program days apply.

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Program advisor
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