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Nathalie Fontana & Andrew Flather

Partner with us to develop entrepreneurial leaders and advance research!

ESMT Berlin is always keen to expand the school’s network and strengthen existing relationships. We seek to build bridges by forming new collaborations and partnerships with relevant stakeholders.

For philanthropic partners (foundations and individuals)

As a philanthropic partner, you play a crucial role in the investment of future generations, advancing business education, and ultimately making a meaningful contribution to the societal challenges of today.

For corporate partners (industry partners)

Through being a corporate partner you will achieve impact that aligns with your business interests, benefit from leading business research, and tap into ESMT's distinguished community of talent and experts.

Involvement of partners

 It is our sincere desire for our partners to experience first-hand the impact of their commitment. One of the ways that partners will tangibly experience the results of their commitment is through the establishment of a tailored and exclusive relationship with us.

Other key information

Freedom of research

The freedom to teach, research, and publish for ESMT's funded individuals and projects is guaranteed at all times. The responsibility for the thematic definition, the application selection process, and the appointment procedure lies exclusively with ESMT. 

Due diligence

It is our obligation and duty to ensure that ESMT enters into appropriate partnerships and that the contributions follow guided principals. We perform due diligence to establish that our partners are trustworthy and that the origin of contributions are known by ESMT. Furthermore, we ensure that all contributions comply with all applicable tax laws, including the Money Laundering Act.

Data protection

Compliance with data protection is a high priority at ESMT. For more detailed information regarding data protection and data security for online donations, please refer to the document below. 


GDPR document

Online giving

For donations to the Alumni Network Fellowship and to support general fellowships, you are able to donate directly online via bank transfer or credit card. Please click below to donate online.


Donate now!

Tax deductions

For donations in Germany, your donation is tax-deductible under German law and we will be in contact with tax-deductible receipts. If you are not located in Germany, your donation may still be tax-deductible. We recommend you check with a local tax professional for further details. Please note that tax deductability only applies for donations. Any type of sponsoring and/or commercial partnership is not eligible for any tax deductions.

ED certification

ESMT is an NGO with an equivalency determination (ED) certification with NGOsource. Organizations certified in the ED repository have completed the ED process and have been deemed to be equivalent to U.S. public charities.

Bank details

ESMT European School of Management and Technology GmbH

Bank: Deutsche Bank AG
Account number: 077 304 400
Bank code: 100 700 00

IBAN: DE91 1007 0000 0077 3044 00

USt-Id.: DE814050117

Do you have any questions or require further information about other topics related to ESMT? We would be happy to be in touch with you.

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