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PT MBA students at graduation

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Join us in developing entrepreneurial and responsible leaders, and advancing research of global value.

Philanthropic giving founded ESMT Berlin 

Without the aspirational, founding investment of the individuals and organisations who envisioned a world-class business school in the heart of Berlin, our achievements since our founding in 2002 would simply not have been possible.  

With your support of our three priorities: innovation; individuals; institution, we continue to build on our accomplishments as Germany’s #1 business school, and empower people to create a better tomorrow. Your support of ESMT is not just a donation to our school; it is a gift to the future of Europe, and the world.


Alessandra Angeloni

Project Manager, President's Office
+49 30 21231 8057

Michelle McKenzie

Donor Communications and Project Manager, President's Office
+49 30 21231 1567

Ipek Tastepe

Project Coordinator, President's Office
+49 30 21231 1435