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Nathalie Fontana & Andrew Flather

Partner with us to develop entrepreneurial leaders and advance research!

ESMT Berlin is at the forefront of business education and research of global societal interests in Europe. 

We develop entrepreneurial leaders who think globally and act responsibly. ESMT is consciously interdisciplinary and practice-oriented. With our ASPIRE strategy, we will make a meaningful contribution in view of today’s societal challenges and do offer a unique platform for stakeholders from business and society. We invite you to tap into ESMT´s unique ecosystem combining talent, curiosity, courage, and drive and thus benefit from synergies to fulfill your own strategic ambitions. Learn more about ASPIRE here. 

Development and Alumni Relations Team

Andrew Flather

Senior Development Manager
+49 30 21 231 1432

Nathalie Fontana

Director of Development and Alumni Relations
+49 30 212 31 1061

Chelsea Steensen

Alumni Relations Manager
+49 30 212 31 1068

Margarita Kriger

Team Assistant
+49 17 537 41 829

Alessandra Angeloni

Project Manager
+49 30 21231 8057