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Master Analytics Artificial Intelligence

Master in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

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Big data is the primary factor influencing both industry and society in today’s world. The continual collection of enormous amounts of data creates huge demand for individuals who know how to process and analyze it. The ESMT Berlin Master in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is designed to give you the skills to work at the intersection of analytics and management. Through this program, you will learn to leverage your quantitative skills and merge them with the managerial vision required to create value through data-driven solutions.

You will be equipped to lead the continuous transformation process that will shape the future of business.

Quick facts
24 months
Start date
Berlin + required global internship
Leading business transformation through the use of state-of-the-art data and automation


  • Solidify your skills of complex data analysis.
  • Build an understanding of contemporary AI challenges.
  • Identify key opportunities of business analytics and machine learning for organizations.
  • Dive into some of the latest AI and data management technologies.


  • You are a young professional in your early twenties with limited or no work experience.
  • You are seeking your first practical experience with coding.
  • You have an intuitive understanding of how deeply technology permeates all aspects of modern life.
  • You quickly grasp and adapt to new trends in business analytics.
  • You are curious to master the complex flows of data, shaping them to create value for business and society.


  • In depth immersion into the latest software and automation trends and their applications to business.
  • Hands-on skill seminars offered by industry practitioners.
  • Customizable learning journey through practical skills trainings and advanced elective courses.
  • Broaden your perspective with courses in Global Corporate Management, Innovation and Finance.


  • Predictive Analysis  
  • Advanced Decision Analysis
  • Risk Modeling
  • AI and Society 
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Master in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Develop and apply data-driven solutions to future challenges.

Key focus areas for the Master in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science courses

ESMT collaborates with neue fische – School and Pool for Digital Talent to deliver a learning experience that remains close to the dynamically evolving software and applications landscape as well as to provide ESMT master’s students with more hands-on instruction in coding and analytics, preparing them for the demands of the job market.

Analytics Student Consulting Project

Student Consulting team project delivered for a corporate partner, in collaboration with technologically advanced companies who support the development of future data scientist and automation experts.

Portfolio Management Program

The Portfolio Management Program (PMP) is an extracurricular project in which selected students actively manage a real-money portfolio of 1 million Euros per group with a total portfolio value of 3 million Euros. The concept of the PMP enables participants to combine theory and practice to develop real trading strategies on the open market.

Finance Certificate


As part of your elective course choice, you can opt to complete five advanced courses in Finance subjects with a focus on global investment strategies. You will be issued an ESMT Certificate in Finance in addition to your Master Degree.