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Advanced management

Prepare for the highest level of leadership

The functional skills and knowledge acquired over the course of a career are still relevant as executives move into general management or C-level positions. What becomes even more critical, though, are the more intangible attributes, such as the courage to navigate unexpected challenges and make difficult decisions, the confidence to steer an organization in new directions, and the self-awareness to identify how your growth aligns with that of the organization.

Stepping away from daily business and taking the time to reflect on upcoming tasks, skills, and growth areas often counts as a luxury that is rarely afforded to those in the advanced stages of their careers. However, as unprecedented responsibilities start coming your way, you should grant yourself this time. You will gain critical insights while profiting from ESMT’s renowned faculty and coaches as well as a supportive network of peers.

Programs in English language

Executive Transition Program

Succeed in the transition to general management

Senior Management Program

The Executive Gamechanger

Leadership under Pressure

How to deal with complex leadership situations

Programs in German language

Der Aufsichtsrat

Professionalize your supervisory board work

General Management Seminar


Bitkom Management Club

Program for high-potentials from the digital sector

Scholarships and certificate possibilities

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

The ESMT Postgraduate Diploma in Management is a university level certificate that represents a formal recognition of your professional development. Create your personalized learning path by assembling programs from five different thematic clusters.

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ESMT women's scholarships

ESMT Berlin is offering several executive education scholarships to promote women in leadership positions.

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Our general terms and conditions for open seminars and information about application and cancellation policy can be found here.

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Your program advisor

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Head of Business Development, ESMT Berlin

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Are you looking for customized training programs for your organization? We develop innovative and transformative solutions for your company.

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