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Partners and donors

Jörg Rocholl

On behalf of the ESMT Berlin community, I would like to express my gratitude to all individuals and organizations supporting the school and its work. ESMT owes much of its enviable success to those who believed in our potential and invested in helping us to realize it. As president, it is my daily privilege to see the inspiring work enabled by our supporters. – Jörg Rocholl, President, ESMT Berlin 

Tatiana Lluent teaching in a class
Viktoriia Kulish Headshot
ESMT Berlin, 2019 MIM students
Santiago Ramon headshot
Six students running towards the camra on a green field.
ESMT Faculty

Being able to exchange ideas with leaders at Volkswagen, though their support of academic research and investment in ESMT’s faculty, is a great opportunity that will favor the production of impactful research.

Dr Tatiana Lluent, Assistant Professor of Strategy, ESMT Berlin. Volkswagen Group Junior Chair for Diversity in Organizations.
BMW Group GOMBA Fellow for Ukraine

I decided to pursue an MBA to strengthen my skills with fresh knowledge and effective methodologies. I am really grateful for the opportunity of the Global Online MBA program and for the support I have received via the BMW Group Fellowship..

Viktoriia Kulish, Global Online MBA Student, ESMT.
MBA Graduate, 2007

I believe in the importance of investing in education. When I did my MBA it was obvious that ESMT was a special place and I’m proud to see how much the school has achieved since my graduation. I now want to support it in achieving even greater success!

Peter Cichon, VP, Business Development & Licensing and Open Innovation, Head of Strategy and Operations, Bayer Pharmaceuticals
MBA Graduate, 2008

My journey at ESMT started when I was awarded the fellowship, which was an opportunity I am truly grateful to have received. As alumni, I think it is important that we give back and continue to support our school.

Santiago Ramon, VP of HR at Blue Alba, Management Consultant at FC Diez Media
Current ESMT Student

What I’m most grateful for is that I wasn’t alone in starting my ESMT journey. When times were tough, I was so grateful for the support and reassurance provided by the student services team. I cannot wait for the coming two years to unfold!

Doniyor, Master in Management student, ESMT.

Each individual and organization that has contributed to the ongoing success of ESMT, is named on this page as a mark of our gratitude. If your name is missing, or you would like your name to be removed. Please contact us at

Supporters of our professorships

  • Deutsche Bank Professorship in Sustainable Finance

    Inauguration:   September 15, 2022

    Chair: Jörg Rocholl President of ESMT and Deutsche Bank Professor in sustainable finance.

    The Deutsche Bank Professorship in Sustainable Finance is the first chaired professorship within the FUTURE Institute for Sustainable Transformation. It underpins the commitment of ESMT Berlin to promote economic growth while reducing pressure on the natural environment and taking Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into consideration. This professorship will examine incentives and risk-sharing options, providing important insights into future policy frameworks.

  • Deutsche Post DHL Professorship in Sustainable Accounting

    Inauguration: July 1, 2022

    Chair: Per Olsson, Dean of Faculty and Research and the Deutsche Post DHL Group Professor in Sustainable Accounting.

    The Deutsche Post DHL Chair supports teaching, research, and publication focused on the design, analysis, application of statistical models, and methods for managerial decision-making. This encompasses topics such as revenue management, analytics, and competition in the era of the data-based economy.


  • Deutsche Telekom Chair in Leadership and HR Development

    Inauguration:  May, 2011

    Chair: Matthew S. Bothner, Professor of Strategy and Deutsche Telekom Chair in Leadership and HR Development

    As a founding partner, the Deutsche Telekom AG and ESMT Berlin have extensively collaborated to produce quality scientific research and practical knowledge transfer. The Deutsche Telekom Chair in Leadership and HR Development addresses the measurement and consequences of status, social networks, and organizational design, with research and teaching that centers on agile leadership, ambidexterity, innovation, and the Matthew Effect. 

  • ESMT Chair in Entrepreneurship

    Inauguration:  May 15, 2017

    Chair:  Henry Sauermann, Associate Professor of Strategy, ESMT Chair in Entrepreneurship, and Director of the Institute for Endowment Management and Entrepreneurial Finance (IFEE)

    The ESMT Chair in Entrepreneurship examines the role of human capital in science, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as well as crowdfunding and crowd-based business models. Among others, research topics include the role of individuals’ ability, preferences, and structural constraints in shaping founding decisions or decisions to join new ventures as an early employee.

  • Ingrid and Manfred Gentz Chair in Business and Society

    Inauguration: February 6, 2019

    Chair: Gianluca Carnabuci, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Ingrid and Manfred Gentz Chair in Business and Society, and Associate Dean of Executive Education

    The chair’s aims to develop relevant scientific knowledge to help leaders act competently and responsibly. With emphasis on corporate responsibility, the chair’s research and teaching focuses on role of trust-based networks and leadership.

  • Joachim Faber Chair in Business and Technology

    Inaguration: February 14, 2023

    Chair: Francis de Véricourt Professor, Joachim Faber Chair in Business and Technology, President's Chair,  Academic Director of the Institute for Deep Tech Innovation (DEEP), and Director of the Center for Decisions, Models and Data (DMD-Center).

    The chair focuses on the innovations and startups based on cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, new materials, and biotechnology. The goal of the chair is to gain and apply scientific knowledge to solve challenges in the field of business and society through the transfer and scaled application of the latest technologies. 

  • Lufthansa Group Chair in Innovation

    Inauguration:  May 16, 2018

    Chair:  Linus Dahlander, Associate Professor of Strategy and Lufthansa Group Chair in Innovation

    The Lufthansa Group Chair in Innovation focuses on areas such as network dynamics, communities, and open and distributed innovation. Key and reoccurring themes of publications, teaching, and presentations include corporate management, entrepreneurship, and innovation for organizations.

  • Michael Diekmann Chair in Management Science

    Inauguration:  June 15, 2016

    Chair: Tamer Boyaci, Professor of Management Science, Michael Diekmann Chair in Management Science, and Director of Research

    The Michael Diekmann Chair in Management Science aims to consolidate the interconnectedness of sustainability and profitability. It focuses on the development and application of concepts to solve managerial issues. With interdisciplinary approaches, the chair supports companies in making sustainable decisions.

  • Volkswagen Group Junior Chair for Diversity in Organizations

    Inauguration:   October 10, 2021

    Chair:  Tatiana LluentAssociate Professor of Strategy and Volkswagen Group Junior Chair for Diversity in Organizations

    The Volkswagen Group Junior Chair for Diversity in Organizations will center on social and organizational processes and examine how career advancement, compensation, and entrepreneurial activities differ across genders. Furthermore, the chair will explore mechanisms that create opportunities to reduce and overcome inequalities and highlight the benefits of diverse leadership teams.

Supporters of our centers

  • Center for Financial Reporting and Auditing (CFRA) supporting partners (until 2021)

    • Allianz SE
    • Daimler AG
    • Deloitte
    • Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
    • KPMG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft AG
    • Linde AG
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers AG 
    • Siemens AG
    • Stifftungsfonds Deutsche Bank im Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V

Supporters of our institutes

  • Digital Society Institute (DSI) supporting partners

    • Allianz SE
    • BASF SE
    • Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
    • Volkswagen AG

    Read about the DSI.

  • Hidden Champions Institute (HCI) supporting partners

    • BDI (Federation of German Industries)
    • Egon Zehnder
    • Knauf Gips KG
    • Marquard & Bahls
    • The Boston Consulting Group GmbH

    Read about the HCI

Supporters from our network of alumni and friends

  • A to D

    Bruno Ahrens

    Benedict Aicher

    Azer Aliyev

    Dilek Altin

    Zoltán Antal-Mokos

    Pramod Arikal

    Jean-Christoph Arntz

    Iurie Ataman

    Nishant Aurora

    Amy Austin

    Kiran Ayodhya

    Elisabeth Baker

    Aditya Banerjee

    Anukta Banerjee

    Sumitro Banerjee

    Fabian Bannasch

    Moneef Barakat

    Costina Barbu

    James Barnes

    Nick Barniville

    Lavinia Bauerochse

    Murat Bayrak

    Falk Behmer

    Rainer Berghausen

    Francis Bidault

    Klaus Biehl

    Andrej Bievetski

    Oliver Bilal

    Timo Blon

    Marius Böhm

    Peter Borchers

    Joachim Borgs

    Thomas Bornemann

    Clemens Brandstetter

    Alexandra Braun

    Stefano Breda

    Tobias Brendel

    Rene Brockhausen

    Andrea Busch

    Francisco Bustamante

    Arti Buxi

    Daniele Cardone

    Toby Carrington

    Angelina Cepareanu

    Marianella Chabaneau

    Valentin Checa

    Andra Giovana Chircu

    Nilesh Chitre

    Dionissis Christodoulopoulos

    Peter Cichon

    Michael Clausecker

    Maxime Clermont

    Aaron Clobes

    Ana-Maria Copotoiu

    Daniel Martin Cornejo

    Paulo Cruz

    Ors Cseresnyes

    Marion Dalichau

    Annett Daldrup

    Rama Krishna Dama

    Anke Dassler

    Alexander Degenhart

    Thomas Dehm

    Javier Vallaure de la Paz

    Isabella Della Santina

    Maria de Lourdes Vázquez-Merchant

    Daniela del Valle y Fuentes

    Amélie Deschamps

    Henrike Diers

    Massimo di Tria

    Andile Dlamini

    Mfundo Dlamini

    Marina Dolgopolova

    Marina Dorn

    Sarah Droll

    Anne Katharina Drope

    Dietmar Droste

    Andrew Ducas

    Natalia Dumont

  • E to L

    Andreas Eichstaedt

    Moritz Eisenhardt

    Okan Ekinci

    Oliver Engels

    Enrico Enghardt

    Anilkumar E.S

    Veit Etzold

    Benjamin Eule

    Galen Evans

    Hristo Evtimov

    Dominik Felske

    Klaus Fiedler

    Andrew Flather

    Isabel Fleischer

    Simone Flesch

    Sergiu Foca

    Simeon Franke

    Michele Gaffo

    Albina Galeeva

    Volkmar Galke

    Alejandro Gamboa

    Georg Garlichs

    Andrian Gavrilita

    Christine Geier

    Geng Geng

    Geevarughese George

    André Gerhardy

    Tobias Gern

    Becky Gilbert

    Natalia Giovanoli

    Sarah Glofcheskie

    Andreas Gödecke

    Amitai Golub

    Jacopo Gottlieb

    Christopher Grix

    Kateryna Grunert

    Bedrettin Guener

    Janine Gutermuth

    Ralph Haiger

    Christina Hakvoort-Doebler

    Catherine Halford Riera

    Oliver Hasse

    Harry Hauck

    Peter Heift

    Matthias Heiss

    Ulrike Helbig

    Mariana Helguera

    Sven Henkes

    Kristen Herde

    Oliver Herrmann

    Mathias Hess

    Volker Hillmann

    Henk Höllmann

    Tim Holderer

    Benedict Holmes

    Zhixian Hou

    NaiWen Hsu

    Benjamin Huber

    Sylvain Huck

    Sergey Ignatyev

    Tatiana Isabel Iriarte

    Viara Ivanova

    Rahul Jain

    Thomas Jameson

    Claudia Jandl

    Karthi Jayabalan

    Rajshri Jayaraman

    Siegfried Jegels

    Ralf Jödicke

    Jens Jorch

    Sandro Jordao

    Melissa Jun Hara

    Marcel Kalis

    Ulrike Karbjinski

    Bernd Keller

    Swati Khandelwal

    Gagan Deep S. Khurana

    Funda Kirezci

    Robert Erik Klaassen

    Arne Klatt

    Johannes Klein

    Stephanie Kluth

    Olaf König

    Rahul Konwar

    Franziska Korn

    Konstantin Korotov

    Julian Kriesel

    Andriy Krupa

    Alexey Kryuchkov

    Larisa Kryuchkova

    Tereza Kubinova

    Michael Kühler

    Deepak Kumar

    Martin Kupp

    Michele Lagioia

    Veith Lamparth

    Giorgia Lancia

    Marie Langleist

    Thomas Lautenbach

    Thorsten Lehmann

    Alfonso Leon

    Martin Leuschner

    Robert Libera

    He Liu

    Christine Lorenz

    Malte Lorenz

    Ralf Losch

    Alexander Lozán

    Christian Ludwig

    Johannes Ludwig

    Katharina Ludewig

    Stefan Lummert 

    Clement Luton

    Romulus Lutsch

  • M to R

    Daniel Mahayni

    Annette Malmann

    Ritesh Mandaviya

    Steven Mar

    Carlos Mares

    Daniel Martin

    Santiago Martinez Ochoa

    Flor Maria Martinez Pineda

    Matthias Marzok

    Angela McClellan

    Gerald Meckl

    Hardy Mehl

    Willi Meixner

    Ghim Meng (Jimmy) Low

    Ulrich Merz

    John Miller

    Christian Michalski

    Vesna Misanovic

    Sepehr Mohajer

    Armin Mokhtarian

    Urs Müller

    Natalia Mylovanova

    Sandeep Nargund

    Serghei Nastas

    Veronika Naumann

    Natalia Nazarova

    Matida Ndlovu

    Peter Nestmann

    Franziska Neugebauer

    Michael Nicodemus

    Philipp Dennis Niederhagen

    Aysenur Nuhoglu

    Adeola Olatunji

    Stefano Oleari

    Elena Omelchenko

    Carmen Ostwald

    Shirish Pandit

    Roashan Patel

    Adrian Pawellek

    Sergiy Petrov

    Andrea Piazza

    Jonathan Plamondon-Ratté

    Wulff Plinke

    Irina Pollmeier

    Kenneth J. Pope

    Manuel Jesus Portillo

    Michele Prà

    Martin Prescher

    Christoph Preusse

    Maxim Pushkarev

    Jenni Pyytövaara

    Henning Rackow

    Felix Radavero

    Soha Rashed

    Christian Rauscher

    Kai-Uve Reckstadt

    Sven Redenbach

    Janna Regina

    Jens Reichel

    Dirk Reichmann

    Larissa Reinprecht

    Santiago Remón

    Stefan Rentsch

    Jan Rijnen

    Carolina Rincon

    Roman Risken

    Erland Ritter

    Andre Rocha

    Mario Roessler

    Luisa Rouillard

    Tristan Rouillard

    Ana Rozman

  • S to Z

    Alejandro Salazar Sanchez

    Parviz Sadegh-Azar

    Ajay Sathe

    Marcelo Savignano

    Marcella Scarpa

    Stephan Schäfer

    Christian Schaible

    Andreas Schiel

    Thorsten Schilling

    Jens Schindler

    Torsten Schneider

    Michael Scholtmann

    Christian Scholz

    Volker Schramm

    Wolfgang Schröer

    Cornelius E. Schulthess

    Lennart Schulenburg

    Bar Schwartz

    Casey Sedgman

    Ye Sheng

    Natalia Shilova

    Anne Siegmann

    Frank Spenling

    Claus Spizig

    Ananthapadmanabhan Srinivasan

    Wiebke Stadler

    Leif Straatmann

    Ulrich Strieder

    Naoki Sugata

    Michael Szadurski

    Hiroshi Takimoto

    Tendeukai Tapera

    Agustin Gerardo Tenorio Bilbao

    Alexandra Tenshchuk

    Enrique Thayer

    Stephan Theusinger

    Elena Timofeeva

    Uta and Michael Tobai

    Carolin Tolksdorf

    Rahul Tongia

    Giacomo Totis

    Thomas Trapp

    Matthias Treutwein

    Alexander Trost

    Dylan Tsai

    Kuzey Tuna

    Samuel Tuke

    Jeroen Vanfraechem

    Arina van Oost

    Iciar Vargas

    Gustavo Vaz

    Camilo Vesga Mahecha

    Elka Villaizan

    Pratheet Vinjamur  

    Martin Vörtmann

    Nicola Voss

    Robert Vranitzky

    Mirko Wagner

    Martin Walter

    Carel Weijand

    Heinrich Weiss

    Stefanie Werler

    Alexander Werner

    Hiltrud Werner

    Angelika Wetzstein

    Otger Wewers

    Wolfgang Wiese

    Sean Wiid

    Bodo Winkler

    Oliver Wohllebe

    Pi-Ken Wong

    Daniel Worlikar

    Babak Yazdani

    Chia-Ju Yu

    Marco Zagonel

    Ghita Zahir

    Lucyna Zaleska

    Ondrej Zaoral

    MinLi Zhang

    Ziyu Blanca Zhou

    Sigitas Zutautas