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Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Make your mark as a founder, innovator, investor or consultant

In a fast-changing world, the ability to spot trends, formulate new business ideas and drive innovation are invaluable skills, whether you want to found your own startup or join an established market-leader.

Learn how to build and scale a new business and disrupt established industries with innovative new ideas, or acquire the skills to implement new ideas or technologies in to an existing global business in the Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from ESMT.  

  • Gain first-hand experience from the heart of Europe’s most vibrant startup ecosystem. 
  • Start your own business in the first year of the program 
  • Build the necessary skills to become a corporate innovator
  • Work with ESMT’s in-house incubator Vali Berlin. 
  • Tailor the program to your career goals 

ESMT Berlin is currently ranked #1 in Germany and #4 in Europe for Entrepreneurship in the Bloomberg European B-Schools Ranking.

Quick facts



24 months



Start date



Berlin and optional exchange semester for the students who choose the Innovation track


Transform or build the business of tomorrow


Face to face

How you benefit

  • Tailor your learning experience to meet your career goals 

  • Start your own business during the first year of the program.  

  • Build your own network through Vali Berlin, ESMT's Entrepreneurship Hub 

  • Gain preferential access to corporate partners active in innovation. 

  • Have the opportunity to join and advise startup founders through participating in the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL. 

  • Get Hands-on learning opportunities from experts. 

  • Practice what you learn through internships and the Ideation Bootcamp. 

  • Gain a 18 month residence permit to work in Germany. 

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Alumni and student entrepreneurship activities over the past decades

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You are a perfect fit if...


  • You are a young professional in your twenties with limited or no work experience and creative mindset geared towards change and exploration

  • You are eager to get hands-on experience, build your network and prepare for a career in innovation. You might even have your own startup idea that you want to develop.

  • You are interested in joining the world of innovation and entrepreneurship either as a startup founder, venture capitalist, innovation consultant or corporate innovator. 

  • You are a technologist who wants to learn how to turn new  tools and tech into viable businesses and develop the skills to assess, analyze, and take  calculated risks.


Where the MIE could take you...

Corporate Innovator

You want to drive for and implement change but rather than heading to the world of startups, you want to bring your skills to established global businesses. 

Become a corporate innovator and help business adapt, survive and thrive. 

Jump into a career as a: 

  • Chief innovation officer (CIO) 

  • New Business Development Manager 

  • Innovation Manager 

Startup Entrepreneur

You want to start your own business and use your studies as platform to help develop your idea, partner up with a co-founder and expand the network that will help your startup thrive. 

Become a startup entrepreneur and learn how to turn your idea into successful, scalable business. 

Jump into a career as a: 

founder or co-founder of a new business 


Venture Capitalist

You are passionate about working with a variety of startups, identifying valuable opportunities and using your skills to help new businesses grow. 

Become a venture capitalist and develop promising new companies. 

Jump into a career as:

associate, analyst or partner at a venture studio. 

Innovation Consultant

You want to advise different companies and start-ups as they seek to implement new ideas or overcome the challenges of growing and scaling. 

Become an innovation consultant and help companies identify and leverage untapped opportunities. 

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Introducing the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Angeliki Papachroni, the program’s faculty lead explains how the MIE prepares you to drive innovation or scale your ideas into viable businesses.

Key focus areas for the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sustainability Bootcamp

Work with ESMT’s in-house incubator Vali Berlin in this ideation bootcamp to identify and analyze important issues, validate a market need, and develop innovative solutions. 


Find out more about Vali Berlin; ESMT's entrepreneurship hub, which guides founders and joiners, educates entrepreneurial leaders, and connects entrepreneurial stakeholders.

Summer Entrepreneurship Program

The Summer Entrepreneurship Program is the perfect platform to develop and elaborate your startup ideas: Receive mentoring from Vali Berlin and startup founders as you identify novel solutions around which to build a business, and learn how to pitch in front of venture capitalists and angel investors. 

NEXT - B2B Accelerator Program or Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)

Receive supports for ventures created during the SEP to reach the next level across six different areas: product-market fit, human capital, fundraising, legal, administrative, and tax issues. 

You will have the opportunity to join and advise startup founders by participating in the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL), the first CDL Lab in Germany.

Corporate Innovation Project (CIP) and Exchange Semester

Deliver an innovation consulting project or develop venture ideas together with a corporate partner. Participating in the CIP, means you will be able to take an academic term abroad at one of ESMT's top-ranked partner schools 



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Your learning and development journey

Build your foundation

  • Organizing for Innovation

  • Economics of Innovation & New Technology

  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurial Finance & Fin Tech

Improve yourself

  • Storytelling

  • Creativity in Practice

Refine your knowledge

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Organization and Scaling New Ventures

  • Entrepreneurial Sales & Marketing  

Check out the full course timeline

Student Voices

Louis DesbonnetMaster Student

"At ESMT, learning isn't confined to classrooms. It thrives through dynamic student initiatives and inspiring conferences hosted right on campus.

Innovation is our beacon for tackling collective challenges, and everyone holds a pivotal role. I'm thrilled to collaborate on groundbreaking ideas with the Innovation Club.

Together, let's break barriers and pioneer change! Join us in pushing the boundaries at ESMT."


                                                                                                            Image of MIM student Louis Desbonnet

Application & Admissions

Join the ESMT Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and be prepared to revel in creative thinking, speak up against conventional wisdom and find new solutions to complex problems.

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Language learning at ESMT

ESMT collaborates with the GLS language school that has been offering language courses in Berlin since 1983. Classes take place at the GLS campus in Kastanienallee 82 and run once a week from October to December and January to March.

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