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Global outreach

Connecting ESMT and the world

Strategy and collaborations

International strategy

ESMT Berlin is at the forefront of business education, focusing on research topics of worldwide interest and educating tomorrow’s business leaders on the opportunities and challenges of globalization. The school brings together a diverse student body and a renowned faculty via strong international academic networks and initiatives to deliver a positive, global, and sustainable impact on society at all levels. Our strengths include:

  • Internationally diverse student body and faculty
  • Program and research cooperations with business schools across the globe
  • Opportunities for student internships via business partners in Europe and abroad
  • A network of more than 8,000 alumni spreading across five continents
  • A global footprint via our main campus in Berlin, Germany, a branch office in Shanghai, China, and programs in Africa and for African students 

International collaborations

ESMT collaborates with international business schools:

International networks

FOME Alliance

The Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance is a global alliance of renowned business schools shaping immersive and engaging online education. It was founded in 2018 in an effort to develop and share high-quality online learning. FOME shapes impactful, collaborative initiatives and establishes evidence-based pedagogical insights to optimize online learning experiences.


UNICON is a global consortium of business‐school‐based executive education organizations. Its member organizations are engaged in accelerating the education development of leaders and managers, thereby enhancing performance in public and private organizations globally. Its primary activities include conferences, research, best practice exchange, and member networking within the business and practice of executive education. ESMT joined UNICON in 2016.


ESMT Berlin is the German network partner of the Global Network for Advanced Management. Founded by Yale School of Management in 2012, the network consists of 31 business schools worldwide that collaborate in academic exchange, research, and student exchange. Master’s in management, MBA, and executive MBA students work together in open and custom programs, discuss major business trends, and create research and data-collection projects to shape the future of business.


ESMT Berlin has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). The schools participates in the Erasmus+ program which financially supports people in Europe with studying, training, and working, providing them with the opportunity to gain international experience. Read our Erasmus+ policy statement here.


Launched by researchers, lecturers, and experts in gender equality from various international universities and business schools, EQUAL4EUROPE promotes gender equality at academic institutions. ESMT is participating in the project which is funded by the European Commission.

Executives in Residence

Established in 2016, the Executives in Residence Program at ESMT Berlin links corporate partners and students. This group of highly accomplished business executives, industry experts, business founders, and investors represent a wide range of sectors and bring experience and expertise to the ESMT community. They specifically enrich the educational programs of ESMT through brown bag lunch sessions, coaching, mock interviews, and career advice sessions, as well as support of wider school events, such as those led by the Investment Club, the Entrepreneurship Club, and the Social Impact Club.

Alexander Doll (Lincoln International, Frankfurt)
Hans Haderer (Ambienta Capital, Düsseldorf)
Dr. Gerald Leitner (Investor, Advisor, Researcher)
Theo Maas (Siemens)
Daniel von Heyl
Prof. Dr. Jörg K. Ritter, (Executive in Residence, ESMT Berlin; Senior Advisor, Alumnus McKinsey & Egon Zehnder; and Professor at Quadriga Hochschule Berlin)
Joachim Würmeling (Executive in Residence, ESMT Berlin, Deep Insitute, Digital Finance)