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Alumni benefits

Your benefits as ESMT alumni

At ESMT Berlin, we are eager to provide our alumni with lifelong learning, networking, career advancement, and more. Access a global community sharing expertise and professional assistance to help guide passion into the pursuit of purpose. Fuel your curiosity with access to programs, resources, and education opportunities on your lifelong learning journey. Tap into the collective experience of 9,000+ diverse peers to help grow your team, or business and unlock your own potential. Contribute with courage towards unique societal and environmental programs helping to create a better tomorrow. Below you'll find more information on how you can work to advance yourselves as well as the life of others at ESMT.


Annual Alumni Meeting

Attend the Annual Alumni Meeting as well as the five and 10-year alumni reunions and reconnect with former classmates and faculty, network with alumni from other classes, and participate in education panels and professional leadership seminars. Stay up to date with the latest news, innovations, and developments throughout the school.

To find more information and see highlights from the previous Annual Alumni Meeting click here.

Alumni chapters

Join one of over 13 alumni chapters within Germany or around the world and reconnect with former classmates, make new friends, and participate in professional development programs. You can also apply your leadership skills and contribute your insight as an advisor within an Alumni Chapter Steering Committee to nurture and strengthen the bonds between our alumni community and ESMT. 

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Alumni Council

Provide governance and stewardship as a member of the Alumni Council, working in collaboration with the ESMT alumni team to represent and enable dynamic and rewarding experiences amongst the alumni while ensuring the growth and prosperity of the ESMT community.

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Annual Alumni Meeting 2024

Our next Annual Alumni Meeting will take place on 7-8 June 2024.


Recruit top talent

Positively impact your organization’s culture and success while saving valuable time and resources. Recruit top talent from ESMT’s diverse, highly capable, and pre-screened candidate network. 

Expand your network

ESMT Community provides an exclusive online platform to expand your professional network, connect with fellow graduates, promote or find career opportunities, and stay up to date with current ESMT news and events. 

Become a mentor

Find or become a mentor and gain valuable personal and professional knowledge, skills, and experience while contributing to networking, leadership, and career advancement. 

Assure career success

Get on the fast track to career success with ESMT's Career Development Center, who will provide you with expert guidance to build your personal brand, connect you with top companies and recruiters, and boost your employability. Contact our Career Development team to schedule an appointment.

ESMT Alumni Community

By fully integrating with social networks, and cultivating a culture of helping and giving back, you will be amazed how vibrant your ESMT Community is!

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Alumni Advanced Learning

Alumni of ESMT Berlin can take advantage of additional opportunities to continue investing in your personal and professional development.

With Alumni Advanced Learning, enroll in a single course, delivered entirely online and supplement your degree with specialized skills and knowledge.

Enroll in one of our Global Online MBA electives

Get program discounts

Save up to 25% with your exclusive executive education program alumni discount. Focus on personal development and increasing your company's success with flexible self-paced online and on-campus program options. Enjoy the benefit of applying learnings within the workplace and achieve immediate, real-world outcomes.

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Customize your learning

Experience the difference that Germany’s #1 business school can make for your team and organization with customized learning and development opportunities. Gain priority access to a dedicated program team focused on meeting your needs and goals. 

Learn more here

Share your knowledge

Take part in on-campus and virtual knowledge-sharing opportunities including the ESMT Open Lectures, Today’s Global Leader, and other events. Learn from recognized leaders in their fields or contribute by sharing lessons and insights from your own experiences and return as a guest speaker or lecturer. 

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Your lifelong learning journey

Choose from a variety of executive education programs and save up to 25% with your exclusive alumni discount.


Alumni Network Scholarship

Make a difference in the lives of exceptional individuals working to advance society by contributing to the Alumni Network Scholarship — our unique social impact scholarship program

Responsible Leaders Fellowship

Get a once in a lifetime opportunity to volunteer for up to six months to drive positive social change in communities around the world and invest in your own understanding of responsible leadership as part of the Responsible Leaders Fellowship.

Social Impact Project

Contribute towards a Social Impact Project by facilitating a project partnership between your organization and ESMT or making an individual contribution to support students

Share your ideas

Share your ideas about how the ESMT alumni community can contribute towards an important social cause!  

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Head of Alumni Relations

Margo Kriger

Alumni and Rankings Data Manager

ESMT Community

Sign up to the ESMT Community portal to connect with fellow alumni. On the portal, you can find information about upcoming events, share job openings, post news, and more.

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