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One black female in business attire meeting with a white female in business attire and one Asian man in business attire

Fostering transformation

Of individuals, organizations, and society

Our understanding of transformation

Change is inevitable. The move towards sustainability, a growing urgency to control climate change, and advances in digital technologies are just some of the challenges which require imminent action. Short-term change management is not enough; the intensity and complexity of today’s challenges necessitate long-term transformation. In our research and teaching at ESMT Berlin, we focus on enabling transformation in individuals, organizations, and society.  


Support through degree programs

Degree programs are the cornerstone of a life-long learning journey, enabling personal growth, career transitions, and individual transformation. Students can grow and transform according to their individual needs through project-based learning.

  • Social Impact Project: Master students act as consultants for organizations with specific social impact objectives.
  • Responsible Leaders Fellowship: Master and MBA graduates contribute their knowledge to businesses in Africa or Asia.
  • IFEE: Portfolio Management Program, in which MIM students actively manage a real-money portfolio.
  • Student clubs, such as NetImpact, driving projects on and off-campus.
  • International experience: Double degree option with Yale and the Erasmus+ exchange program.

Support through executive education

ESMT Open Enrollment programs focus on individual transformation. Within the framework of lifelong learning, ESMT empowers the individual learner to stay up to date in a changing environment. Our professors and program directors provide experiential learning experiences that concentrate on leadership, adaptive change, and impact for the individual. 


Transforming organizations

ESMT supports organizations in change processes with globally top-ranked customized executive education programs whose starting point is always the respective company’s situation and its concrete transformation needs. We view strategic, organizational, and leadership transformation as integrative and back this change up with groundbreaking research, giving leaders a theoretical foundation for transformation. 

Award-winning customized executive education programs, such as Daimler Leading transformation: Shaping the automotive transformation amidst turbulent times, Traton’s Management Excellence Program, Enterprise Ireland’s Market Entry into the Eurozone through Learning and Development, and Chargeurs: A hidden champion aiming to become a game-changer. 

Community and society

Bringing positive change to society

Building upon the transformational aspects of our activities for individuals and organizations, we support positive changes in the community and society as a whole.