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Campus development

Are you ready to leave your mark on German history? Read below about the impact of your contribution.

Become a Legacy Maker: shape the future of ESMT today!

Name a seat in one of the two new auditoria

In the heart of Europe, where history meets innovation, ESMT Berlin is transforming the iconic former Screening Room into two state-of-the-art auditoria.

We invite you, our valued community of supporters, to be a part of this transformation. Name a seat and immortalize your connection to ESMT:

  • Celebrate your journey as an alumni member
  • Support educational excellence
  • Acknowledge inspiring mentors of the faculty

Only 147 seats are available in this campaign. This is your opportunity to leave a mark on a unique piece of European history.

With a contribution of €1,000, your name plaque will be prominently displayed, ensuring that your support is recognized for the lifetime of the seat. You may choose to contribute in a single payment or through ten convenient monthly installments of €100.

Click below to donate*:

Legacy Makers - Named seat one-time payment

Legacy Makers - Named seat monthly installments

*Your contribution may also be tax deductible as a donation.

Make your mark: plaque details and policies


Please note that each named seat can be attributed to one individual only, and only one name will be displayed on the plaque. No logos or company names are permitted. Cumulative donations to name a single seat are not allowed.

ESMT reserves the right to refuse any seat name where the proposed text for the engraved plaque contains unacceptable language.  In such circumstances, if an alternate text cannot be agreed upon between the parties, the donation will be returned.

ESMT Berlin reserves the right to remove a seat name if the named individual falls into disrepute.


Examples of recognition for ESMT alumni:

Name, MIM Class of (year of graduation)

Name, MBA Class of (year of graduation)

Name, ETP Class of 2024


Please contact Alessandra Angeloni (  to discuss your plaque details.

What will be on my plaque?
The named seat will prominently display the name of the individual donor. For ESMT alumni, the plaque will also display your program and year of graduation. The name plaque measures approximately 13 x 7 cm and allows for a maximum of 30–35 characters (including spaces).

May I choose the seat?
It is not possible to choose the location of your seat. Seats are named on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where will the name plaque be placed?
The name will be engraved on a plate prominently displayed on the desk of the seat.

How long will my name plaque remain?
Seats are named for the lifetime of the seat.

Does the matching fund from the Friends of ESMT apply to the Legacy Maker: name a seat campaign?
No, the matching fund pledged by the Friends of ESMT does not apply to donations for the Legacy Maker: name a seat campaign?

Join us in shaping future leaders

Your support is not merely a donation; it is an investment in nurturing the future global leaders of tomorrow. 

ESMT Berlin has officially kick-started the final renovation of our campus. Our iconic building, the very heart and soul of ESMT, symbolizing ambition and innovation, is poised for an extraordinary transformation.

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey by making a meaningful contribution today!


Unlocking the success of ESMT: the importance of renovating our West Wing

As we embark on this transformative journey, we invite you to join us in supporting the future of educational excellence and empowering the next generation of responsible leaders.


Uncover the future: dive in here!

Did you know? your support goes further!

Magnify the impact of your support

The membership organization Friends of ESMT has generously pledged a matching fund to support the campus development.

This initiative serves as a catalyst, effectively doubling the value of every donation made by alumni and individual donors for the renovation project.

By investing now in ESMT, your contribution will have twice the impact, and your generosity will leave a lasting imprint on our campus, fostering educational excellence for years to come. Do not miss this unique opportunity!

If you donate €1, ESMT will receive €2.

Your donation is tax deductible if applicable.

Make a donation

Friends of ESMT testimonials

“Investing in education is an investment in a brighter future for us all. That's why we, the Friends of ESMT, have introduced a matching fund for this once-in-a-generation restoration project. Join us in shaping the future of global leadership and making a lasting impact together". 

Claudia Donzelmann, Member of the Board of the Friends of ESMT and Global Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs at Allianz SE

What can you expect from this renovation?

Renovation will add 2000 sqm of needed space
to seat 150 people
a large and flexible event and learning space
Event spaces
unique, modern and overlooking the Berlin Palace
Brand-new colonnade
for break-outs and receptions
Multifunction room
with flexible architecture adaptable to different occasions

A beautiful irony in German history

From past to future and all that is in between

A multi-purpose teaching and events space will sit at the heart of a newly-refurbished wing. he room will preserve the architecture and aesthetic of the building’s history while providing a modern backdrop for education
historical image of the former Sitzungsaal
Visual representation of the future use of the former Kinosaal. The room will include 2 new auditoria
the Screening Room was the place “where films were checked for political content before they were authorized for public showing in cinemas across the country”.

Vision for the former Sitzungssaal der Staatsrats

A representation of The President George H.W. Bush Reunification Suite

Sitzungssaal der Staatsrats

The former State Council Chamber

Vision for the former Kinosaal

The place for the flow of knowledge in the most inclusive and exploratory manner


The former Screening Room

Moments that inspire: a journey through our fundraising campaign 

Our campus development events highlights

2 people watching the Schlossbook
audience in the foyer
people in front of the alumnium relief
people in front of the aluminium relief in the sitzungsaal
alumni into the wing a

May 9, 2023 ESMT Berlin kicks off renovation

The President George H.W. Bush Reunification Suite will provide a space for teaching and a venue for exclusive events. The room in which the socialist government once ruled, will soon become a place for entrepreneurial education

May 9, 2023 ESMT Berlin kicks off renovation

Attendees from across the community showed their enthusiasm and generosity for the cause. The keynote speakers shared their motivations for supporting the cause, inspiring many other to support the project

May 9, 2023 ESMT Berlin kicks off renovation

The event was attended by Pierce Bush, grandson of Barbara and George H.W. Bush, Max Angerholzer, CEO of the George & Barbara Bush Foundation, David Knower, member of the ESMT International Advisory Council, and many others

May 9, 2023 ESMT Berlin kicks off renovation

This is an inspiring initiative that will transform the impressive former Council of State chambers into a space that celebrates German unity and transatlantic cooperation

June 16, 2023: ESMT alumni are the heart of our community. Together we can shape this once-in-a-generation project

Writing the next chapter of the history of our campus can only be achieved with the support of those in our alumni community who understand its value to the school and to the world