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The Learning Innovation Lab

ESMT Berlin's Learning Innovation Lab designs dynamic, technology-enhanced learning experiences.

Since 2018, we have developed and launched three hybrid and online MBA programs and created a wealth of digital learning materials, including 46 courses and over 6000 digital media assets. Our work has won Gold and Bronze FOME Learning Design Awards.


Partners and practitioners

We partner with ESMT faculty and beyond to develop impactful learning experiences using technology-based solutions for global students and corporate learners. We also offer consultation on the latest trends and best practices in educational technology to improve learning outcomes.

Learn more about ESMT's hybrid and online programs here:


Edupreneurial projects

As an innovation lab, we focus on experimenting with and promoting emerging technologies and learning methods. Our current projects utilizing AI, VR, and the Metaverse deliver personalized and immersive learning experiences for learners of all ages and backgrounds.


Thought leadership

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We are a team of industry professionals who provide expertise on learning innovation. We lead a tech talk series on nascent educational technologies, deliver talks and workshops around the world, and conduct research with leading business schools on improving learning outcomes. ESMT Berlin is a co-founder of the Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance, a group of like-minded business schools creating transformational online learning experiences.