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Building blocks and notes

Learning design at ESMT

What makes a great learning experience at ESMT?

Our design principles

Applicable learning

We focus on empowering participants to apply knowledge directly to their professional lives. Through engaging real-world examples and contexts, we facilitate practical learning experiences that participants can put into practice immediately.

Achievable work for professionals

We design learning experiences to maintain the balance between professional life and learning. Our offerings are set up to accommodate busy schedules; for example our degree courses, which are divided into self-contained sections that average 55 minutes.

Content built for success

In creating each session, we employ constructive alignment to ensure a clear connection between the desired learning outcomes, the assessments of that learning, and activities that prepare participants for those assessments.

Active learning


We believe in a dynamic, well-rounded learning experience. Our offerings strike a balance between informative presentations, hands-on practice, and opportunities for creative production, ensuring comprehensive learning outcomes.

Components of our learning experiences

Peer interaction


Participants collaborate and connect with fellow learners through dedicated forums, group tasks, and peer feedback. We value the power of community and encourage meaningful interactions to foster a supportive learning environment.



Our instructors and teaching assistants provide valuable guidance and insights after each activity, helping participants enhance their understanding and refine their skills.

Engaging media


Our offerings feature dynamic videos, interactive visuals, and other engaging media formats to keep participants energized and engaged.

Learn more about our media design here!

New technologies


We are constantly experimenting with and incorporating the latest tools and platforms to offer participants a modern and seamless learning experience.

Learn more about our instructional technology here!

Appropriate assessment

Our offerings employ assessment methods specifically designed for online learning. We utilize innovative approaches that effectively evaluate participant progress, ensuring fair and accurate assessments that align with the digital learning environment.

Impact on lesson design

We are very serious about participants’ input about our learning objectives, lesson structure, and time estimates, and we redevelop our offerings to improve participant satisfaction.