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Social Impact Programs

Social impact programs

Making an impact

2023 Report

Read the latest update on Social Impact Programs at ESMT Berlin.

Social Impact Project

The Social Impact Project is a five-week project for both Master's and Full-time MBA students. It offers students the opportunity to serve as an economic or management consultant for an organization with specific social impact objectives, such as a non-profit organization, a CSR department, a social entrepreneurship venture, or a social impact project of a for-profit organization.

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Responsible Leaders Fellowship

Full-time MBA and Masters Graduates can delay their job search for up to six months in order to complete a social impact project in a developing country. Students provide pro-bono service to organizations or institutions that creates value and social change for the community. All airfare, living stipend, and other related costs are covered by generous contributions from Friends of ESMT.

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Interested in becoming an hosting organization?

ESMT Berlin welcomes partner organizations/companies in emerging areas of Africa, Asia, Latin America, or other emerging markets that are keen to employ ESMT students and graduates as volunteers and make use of their knowledge and capabilities.

The Fellows deliver a pro-bono service and assume responsibility in an institution at the forefront of social challenges in developing countries. They support the client organization, including roles of management assistance as a management professional, or for example, facilitating/ lecturing/ coaching in a school of business or a social entrepreneurship project.


  • Get an  ESMT student to assist your organizational challenges
  • The student will deliver a pro-bono service and assume responsibility in an institution at the forefront of social challenges in developing countries
  • Financial support of the Fellows is covered by ESMT

Flavia Rizzato

Manager, Social Impact Programs
+49 30 213 11 406

Students initiatives

Net Impact Club

At the Net Impact ESMT Berlin chapter, we accelerate positive change through business. We have partnered with various organizations such as start-ups, corporates, NPOs, foundations and stakeholders of our business school ESMT Berlin. As the next generation of leaders, we raise awareness and offer creativity, innovation, as well as effective problem-solving for social and environmental challenges. Net Impact equips its members with the skills, connections, and experiences they need to maximize their potential and have a lasting social and environmental impact on the world throughout their lives.

Meraki Club

Meraki Club is a student-based club providing strategic and operational support to meraki smile school, an NGO run by a group of international volunteers. The organization was also student-founded, in 2021, by former ESMT student Miriam Agüero, with the aim to help underprivileged children gain access to quality education and healthcare. Today, the greater plan is to provide an easily replicable model of an international school with an IB (International Baccalaureate) education to be applied in any other country.


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