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People at AAM

What we do

ESMT Berlin is committed to developing students into leaders who embody a sense of responsibility and actively work to create a better world for all.

The Friends of ESMT support the school in this endeavor by providing financial and non-financial support to members of the ESMT community who wish to undertake social impact projects. In addition to this, the Friends directly support priority projects for the development of the school itself (e.g. the renovation of Wing A of ESMT’s campus the former GDR Staatsratsgebäude).

Since 2012, the Friends of ESMT have supported over 500 graduates through one of the Fellowship programs below with living and travel stipends. The Friends have helped a further 300 Master’s in Management students with financial support to undertake Social Impact Projects in Africa, Central and Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Examples of our impact

Responsible Leaders Fellowship Program

Friends of ESMT promote the Responsible Leaders Fellowship Program for graduates of the ESMT MBA program. The six-month fellowship starts immediately after graduation and takes the graduate to emerging areas of Africa or Asia, where they contribute their knowledge and capabilities and gain real-world business experiences. Learn more about the program here

Industry Immersion Program Fellowships

The Industry Immersion Program is a joint initiative with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry Johannesburg, as well as African and German companies. It was brought to life in 2017 to enable young university graduates in Africa to start a career, and thus sustainably enhances employability across Africa.

Social Impact Project

The five-week Social Impact Project is a highlight of the Master’s in Management program. It offers students the opportunity to apply the business tools they acquire during the program to work for an organization with specific social objectives, such as a non-profit organization, a CSR department, a social entrepreneurship venture, or a for-profit organization. The Social Impact Project is applied fieldwork with the goal of developing well-rounded, socially conscious graduates. Friends of ESMT contribute to accommodation and flights for the students during this program.

Networking events

Friends of ESMT initiate special events and executive discussion panels in cooperation with groups like Bund Deutscher Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA), Bundesverband Deutscher Industrie (BDI), and Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammer (DIHK), among other representatives of German economic policy and industry. These events are hosted at the ESMT Berlin campus.

Alumni and student activities

Friends of ESMT cooperate with the Alumni Network of ESMT and support student initiatives, such as the Social Impact Club and the Entrepreneurship Club.

New members are very welcome. One hundred percent of membership fees are used to support social impact initiatives.

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