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Our priorities

Where you can make a difference

Join us in developing entrepreneurial and responsible leaders, and advancing research of global value.

Thank you for your interest in supporting education. Whatever your specific philanthropic intention, and its link to our ASPIRE strategy, your support and partnership will be a catalytic accelerator, enabling ESMT Berlin to strengthen its academic leadership and attract outstanding new talent – in Germany and Europe. 

Our three priority areas are innovation, individuals, and institution.


In today’s challenging economic and geopolitical landscape, ESMT’s contribution of knowledge and discourse on important issues has never been more crucial. Our reputation for advanced, high-relevance research output has been secured over the last 20 years, and will continue to make a significant impact, with your support.  


  • Centers and institutes

    Specific themes and concepts are often explored through the creation or development of a research center or institute. These specialist entities, led by senior academics in conjunction with leading industry partners, are a powerful way for ESMT to address globally relevant issues.

    You may find a list of our existing centers and institutes here. If you are interested in learning more about partnerships in this area, please reach out to us directly for a bespoke conversation about how ESMT can meet you philanthropic objectives.

    If this topic is of interest to you personally, or via your organization, please contact us directly and we will be delighted to support you:

  • Academic chairs and professorships

    Some of the most prestigious companies and most philanthropic individuals in the world have had the foresight to create academic positions at ESMT, making a tangible contribution to the advancement of knowledge and teaching.

    You can see a list of the chairs and professorships already created by the generous support of our donors, by clicking here.

    If this topic is of interest to you personally, or via your organization, please contact us directly and we will be delighted to support you:

  • Research innovation fund

    We believe that ESMT should be continuous source of real-world, real-time, high-grade knowledge, to underpin the success of decision-makers around the world 

    Our school is not only home to some of the world’s finest professors, leading our teaching an innovation; since 2013 we have also had the right to award PhDs to the next generation of experts.

    Experienced and early-career researchers needs to be able to react quickly to emerging trends, to produce truly incisive work.

    The research innovation fund is a flexible resource to which all ESMT academics may apply for funding, enabling them to be responsive to the latest and most exciting research opportunities.

    Your donation to the research innovation fund ensures that research and innovation at ESMT continues to be truly impactful on steering decision-making around the world, in real-time.

    If you wish to support this fund without restriction, you can do so by making a donation online via our website. If you would like to specific your area of impact, please contact us directly:


A strong and supportive community is at the heart of ESMT’s success. Providing opportunities for individuals to access our community, and excel within it, is a top priority.


  • Alumni Network Fellowships

    Enabling the best and brightest to access the world-class education that ESMT provides, by providing financial support and subsidy, is a cornerstone of philanthropic support of education. 

    The Alumni Network Fellowship exists to cover a portion of tuition and fees for degree candidates whom exhibited excellence within their work, studies, or volunteering ventures.

    If you wish to support this fund, you can do so by making a donation online via our website

  • Student support and wellbeing

    Moving to a new city to undertake a demanding academic course of study can present a range of financial, logistical, or emotional challenges for our students.

    ESMT has a dedicated student office whose staff are committed to ensuring that our students have the support they need to enjoy and complete their degrees.

    Your donation to this area can ensure every student, irrespective of their age or level of seniority, receives the support they need to succeed in every way.

    If you wish to support this fund, you can do so by making a donation online via our website


ESMT is unique. Being the business school founded by business makes us a catalytic connector between many different organizations, sectors, and leaders. This is central to our success as a top-10 European business school.

Your donation to ESMT's central priorities will enable us to grow in stature and influence, as we continue to mature as one of Europe’s finest centers of research and education.


  • Unrestricted support

    The ability to be nimble in response to emerging challenges and opportunities is one of the most valuable abilities any organization can have. Your gift to this area will ensure that ESMT is able to react quickly in response to challenges and opportunities – an ability that is particular to a school of our size and age.

    If you wish to support ESMT without restriction, you can do so by making a donation online via our website.

  • ESMT's Campus

    ESMT’s campus in the former Staatsratsgebäude, at the very heart of Berlin, is undoubtedly one of the school’s greatest assets. Preserving and enhancing this incredible building is an ongoing major project, which can only be completed with support at all levels from our community and friends. Please click here to learn more about this important appeal.

  • ESMT endowment

    One of the most visionary gifts is a donation to underpin the future of education, in perpetuity.

    Becoming one of the school’s core supporters, with a gift to the ESMT Endowment Fund, is a truly philanthropic act, with positive consequences for many future generations.

    If you are interested in supporting ESMT in this very significant way, please contact us directly:

Making a difference

Whatever your vision for impact, we are here to help.

ESMT prides itself on being innovative, and responsive to the emerging needs and priorities of the world in which we live.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a bespoke conversation about your philanthropy or partnership. We will be delighted to support you in achieving your vision.

Thank you!


ESMT is not just a great business school. ESMT is a great community I love to be part of.

Massimo di Tria, ESMT alumnus, CFO Asset & Wealth Management at Generali