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Research and thought leadership

Modern society favors the development of organizations that provide reliable services and products. Hence, transformation is difficult as there is resistance to change, especially in well-managed, reliable organizations. Radical transformation requires a fundamental shift in the way organizations and individuals represent the world in which they operate. This change of representation then leads to large and small actions on an organizational and individual level that, in turn, drives transformation in communities and society. At ESMT our cutting-edge research provides the foundation on which positive and effective transformation can take place.  

ESMT Institute for Sustainable Transformation

The ESMT Institute for Sustainable Transformation specializes in developing and communicating innovative sustainability solutions and supports companies in their transformation. It was founded by ESMT and the non-profit Frankfurt Werte-Stiftung together with their innovation platform FUTURY and is based at ESMT. The institute is made possible by initiative partners Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Procter&Gamble, and Schwarz Group and supported by BMW Group, Daimler, and Deutsche Telekom.

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Earth in space

Social and environmental impact at ESMT

Sustainable Business

The ESMT community, including students, alumni, faculty, and staff, lead and support many future-oriented projects today to positively affect some of the world’s most disadvantaged and underrepresented communities and make a positive impact on our environment.

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