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ESMT and Ukranian flag

Supporting Ukraine

ESMT Berlin condemns the Russian government for starting the war in Ukraine. As a community, we appeal to the Russian government to bring the war to an immediate end by withdrawing Russian troops outside the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine.

This war could not stand in stricter contrast to what we stand for, bringing together faculty, staff, students, and many other stakeholders from all over the world together with our strong belief in freedom and advocating respect for the individual. 

Together with our Ukrainian students and staff members, we are coordinating activities to provide humanitarian aid to those most affected by this war.   


Our initiatives

Completed initiatives

  • Special panel discussion on Russia in Ukraine
  • Collection of donations on behalf of Feine Ukraine
  • Scholarships awarded to female students from Ukraine
  • €2,235 raised at the Klenke Quartett benefit concert for Feine Ukraine on March 15, 2023
ESMT building lit up with Ukranian flag colours


Ongoing initiatives: Ukraine Impact Project

Ukraine Impact Project. This pro bono initiative aims to help Ukrainian companies expand into international markets and thus survive the war. Pro bono consultants, Ukrainian managers, and experienced mentors work together to optimize business outcomes. The pilot project kicked off with 17 pro bono consultants who have been working with two Ukrainian businesses to help them expand into European markets.

Interested in supporting the initiative?

  • Become a pro bono consultant: Develop hands-on consulting, international expansion, and team management skills while helping Ukrainian companies during wartime.
  • Become a mentor: Share your expert knowledge on international expansion, strategy, and sales with project teams.


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Ongoing initiatives: Mentorship program

This pro bono initiative aims to support Ukrainian businesses by providing them with experienced mentors to guide them through specific areas of business. If you have industry expertise and are eager to mentor or consult with Ukrainian companies on a pro bono basis, we can help to connect you with Ukrainian businesses that seek your expertise.


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Matchmaking with Ukrainian independent software vendors

In order to facilitate business activities with Ukrainian companies, ESMT is working with IT Ukraine Association, the biggest IT association in Ukraine, on finding partnerships and new ways of promoting collaboration with the Ukrainian IT sector. For this reason, ESMT engaged Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA), the largest German association of mechanical engineering companies, to explore the field for potential collaboration with the IT Ukraine Association and ESMT Berlin. The first meeting between VDMA, ESMT, and IT Ukraine Association took place. We are looking forward to advancing this initiative further.

IT Ukraine Association


Please contact our initiative group at if you have any questions or propositions. As ESMT, we are eager to explore new collaborations with private, corporate, or institutional partners to support Ukraine.

Vitaliy Ishchuk

Student and initiative lead