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Bringing Technology to Market

Module 1
Dates: 25. Jun 2024 - 28. Jun 2024
Duration: 4 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 14,600 €
  • Module 2
    Duration: 4 Days
    Location: Nashville, USA
    Module 3
    Duration: 4 Days
    Location: Beijing, P.R. China

    Key benefits:
    • Partcipating in a consortial program program that brings senior managers with similar backgrounds from technology-driven companies together
    • Developing the right understanding, concepts, and tools for improving revenue generation in the global market
    • Building an international network of peers
    Target audience:

    Participants with a leading position in technology-driven, globally active B2B companies who are responsible for generating business.

    Topics: Marketing and sales, Strategy, Technologies (AI, Blockchain, VR), Negotiations

Der Aufsichtsrat

Dates: 27. Jun 2024 - 28. Jun 2024
Duration: 2 Days
Location: Land Gut Höhne Mettmann, GER
Language: German
Tuition: 3,000 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Understanding what is important in the supervision of board and executive management
    • Gaining confidence regarding the selection and compensation of human resources
    • Learning how to best cooperate with the auditor
    • Developing insights into internal and external communication
    • Increasing the efficiency of supervisory board work
    • Exchanging experiences and making new contacts with representatives from a wide range of industries and disciplines
    Target audience:
    • Current and future members of supervisory, administrative, or advisory boards. Board members, managing directors, and advisory staff function executives who cooperate closely with supervisory boards, such as legal advisors, compliance officers, and investment controllers, will also benefit from this program.
    • ESMT Berlin is a cooperation partner of the annual symposium for supervisory boards.
    Topics: Finance, Governance / Supervisory Board

Women's Leadership Excellence

Dates: 03. Jul 2024 - 05. Jul 2024
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 4,200 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Understanding and leveraging your own authentic female leadership excellence
    • Receiving tried and tested advice from world-class faculty, trainers and peers on career progression and satisfaction
    • Gaining clarity on the next career move and the steps towards the next level of leadership
    • Becoming change makers and creators for more inclusive workplaces.
    Target audience:
    • Female leaders/executives with responsibility for a team(s) or large projects
    • Senior experts leading global projects/teams in the transition to leadership positions
    • Outstanding female leaders in other areas.
    Topics: Leadership, Communication

Master in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Dates: 01. Sep 2024 - 01. Sep 2026
Duration: 24 months
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 34,000 €

  • Key benefits:
    • In depth immersion into the latest software and automation trends and their applications to business.
    • Hands-on skill seminars offered by industry practitioners.
    • Customizable learning journey through practical skills trainings and advanced elective courses.
    • Broaden your perspective with courses in Global Corporate Management, Innovation and Finance.
    Target audience:
    • You are a young professional in your early twenties with limited or no work experience.
    • You are seeking your first practical experience with coding.
    • You have an intuitive understanding of how deeply technology permeates all aspects of modern life.
    • You quickly grasp and adapt to new trends in business analytics.
    • You are curious to master the complex flows of data, shaping them to create value for business and society.
    Topics: Data analytics, Finance, Technologies (AI, Blockchain, VR)

Master in Global Management

Dates: 01. Sep 2024 - 01. Sep 2026
Duration: 24 months
Location: Berlin + required global internship and social impact projects and optional exchange or double degree
Language: English
Tuition: 34,000 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Global immersion through term abroad, internship, and Social Impact Project.
    • Internships are built into the curriculum for maximum exposure.
    • Sharpen your profile with an optional finance certificate.
    • Gain a global perspective of business in society.
    Target audience:
    • You are a young professional in your early twenties with limited or no work experience.
    • You have shown initiative during your Bachelor studies or in your personal life.
    • You are curious about other cultures and embrace diversity as a strength.
    • You know that sustainable business holds the key to a better future.
    • You are a true team player and prepared to develop yourself to become an agent of positive change.
    Topics: Finance, Leadership, Marketing and sales, Strategy