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Image of ESMT Executive MBA participants in class

Executive MBA

Are you ready for the challenges of leadership?

Want to learn more about the Executive MBA program?

Open the door to senior management

The executive MBA from ESMT Berlin delivers a comprehensive learning experience that is designed to shape you into an effective global leader and give you the tools to thrive in a complex international business environment. 

- Develop the key skills required of a general manager

- Learn how to drive innovation in a responsible, sustainable way

- Network with, and learn from your classmates

- Study part-time while you are still working, so you can apply your new skills to your role straight away

The program prepares you to take on the challenges of general management by combining academic training with leadership development, through 10 modules spread over 18 months

Quick facts
18 months
Start date
6 modules in Berlin + 4 international modules
Leadership, innovation, and general management


  • 100% in-person over ten modules (each lasting six days)

  • Optimized schedule: more time for individual and peer-to-peer coaching, project integration, and work-school-life balance

  • A dedicated faculty works individually with you on coaching and personal development

  • An immersive leadership program emphasizing personal effectiveness at senior managerial levels


  • You are an experienced leader seeking to increase your personal impact in senior executive roles

  • You have a strong managerial record, managing either people or projects

  • You maintain an International outlook, intercultural competence, and a responsible approach to business

  • You have strong motivation, commitment and drive to succeed in a challenging academic program


  • ESMT’s modular format allows you to continue to advance your career while also keeping obligations to family and friends

  • Combines analytics, innovation and leadership to provide the skills you need to excel in your contemporary business environment.

  • The curriculum integrates academic training, peer-to-peer and individual coaching, applied and evidence-based learning



  • Leadership

  • Innovation

  • Sustainability

  • Ethics

A valuable investment for businesses and individuals


An executive MBA provides tangible benefits for both the individual students and the organizations where they work.

  • Participants will be able to level up their skill set, take on new perspectives and learn from the vast and varied experiences of their peers

  • Employers sponsoring a participant as they study for an MBA are able to nurture their most promising talent, increase retention and begin reaping the rewards from that investment almost instantaneously, with the injection of new ideas and skills that a EMBA participant brings back to their role.

Not only will participants return from each in-person module with new insights and skills to apply to their role, but the program’s final project tasks them with solving an ongoing challenge in their organization

Find out more about the program content and structure.


"The best career decision I ever made..."

"Joining the executive MBA program at ESMT Berlin was the best career decision I ever made, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn from world-class faculty, peers, and leaders and to grow personally and professionally. For me, it was a life-changing experience and I highly recommend the program."


Portrait of Mouin El-Khechen, EMBA Alumnus


Mouin El-Khechen, EMBA alumnus and Regional Account Manager EMEA at iNEMSOFT

Apply your new skills directly to your current role

The executive MBA is a part-time program, allowing you to balance your executive training with existing responsibilities. Each one-week module takes place roughly every two months. in-between you can continuously apply your new insights and skills at work.

The final project of the EMBA can have a direct impact on your organization. Taking the form of an "in-company report", you will apply what you have learned to tackle an issue or challenge that exists in the daily business operations of your company.

EMBA introduction

Introduction to the executive MBA

The EMBA experience

Alumnus Christoph Schünemann explains how the EMBA helped him acquire the skills he was seeking.

The EMBA experience

Alumnus Thomas Hillard on how the EMBA helped fill his professional gaps.

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