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Book Chapter

Die völkerrechtliche Dimension der IT-Sicherheit [The international legal dimension of IT security]

In IT-Sicherheitsrecht, edited by Gerrit Hornung, Martin Schallbruch, Baden-Baden: Nomos.
Henning Christian Lahmann (2020)
Information technology and systems
international law, cybersecurity, united nations, use of force, intervention, sovereignty, internet governance, arms control, cyber operations
The chapter summarises the current state of the application of international law to cyberspace and reviews attempts to find consensus among the community of states. While virtually all states agree that international law applies to state conduct in cyberspace, the 'how' remains a hotly contested issue. The chapter focuses on the prohibition of the use of force, the prohibition of intervention, and the principle of sovereignty and assesses their legal status vis-à-vis cyber operations. It follows a brief treatment of further international efforts to increase transnational cybersecurity, such as internet governance and arms control treaties.
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