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ESMT Case Study

China's largest investment in Germany: The strategic partnership between Weichai and KION

ESMT Case Study No. ESMT-314-0147-1
This case was withdrawn and is no longer available!
Olaf Plötner, Shirish Pandit (2014)
Strategy and general management
Foreign direct investment, mergers & acquisitions, synergies
The case focuses on three primary objectives. Firstly, students should identify the interests of the parties involved in a company acquisition and gain insights into the financial perspectives of the seller, the political and strategic perspectives of the buyer and, the competitive strategic perspectives of the managers in charge of operations. Secondly, students should gain an understanding of corporate thinking in Western and Chinese technology companies. Thirdly, they should use this mutual understanding as the foundation for future profitable co-operations.
This case is withdrawn and no longer available.