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"How Business Schools are Helping Students Make an Impact on People and the Planet"

3. Juni 2019
MIM Guide reports on the trend of socially impactful projects at business schools, mentioning ESMT.
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FT Executive Education ranking: ESMT Berlin again top in Germany

3. Juni 2019
ESMT Berlin placed 12th globally in the 2019 Financial Times Executive Education combined ranking of open enrollment and customized programs.

"The Undeniable, Unfair Advantages of Overconfidence"

31. Mai 2019
An article in Medium cites Laura Guillén's research on confidence and gender differences in the workplace.
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"Recharging for peak performance"

31. Mai 2019
Former student Nontuthuko Mgabhi discusses how the Executive Transition Program at ESMT gave her career a competitive advantage (metered paywall).
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DFG promotes excellent research at ESMT Berlin on financial accounting

28. Mai 2019
The German Research Foundation (DFG), which facilitates scientific excellence and allocates funds for knowledge-oriented research, has approved a new Collaborative Research Center on “Accounting for Transparency.”
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ESMT Berlin celebrates German Diversity Day

28. Mai 2019
ESMT Berlin has signed the “Charta der Vielfalt”, thus joining Germany’s largest network of companies and organizations committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment in which to work and learn.
Martin Schallbruch, ESMT Berlin

"Deutschland will seine Verwaltung digitalisieren – doch das Projekt hängt in der Warteschleife"

27. Mai 2019
Handelsblatt quotes Martin Schallbruch on the digitalization efforts of public authorities in Germany.
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DigitalFuture Summit 2019 brings together students and executives at ESMT Berlin

25. Mai 2019
Talented and tech-savvy students will engage with leading global companies and innovative startups at the DigitalFuture Summit 2019 on June 20/21.

"Flussbad: Idee für temporäre Öffnung ab 2021"

25. Mai 2019
Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) covered ESMT plans to build a student dormitory on campus quoting Georg Garlichs.
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"Die Hackback-Pläne der Bundesregierung"

25. Mai 2019
Isabel Skierka was quoted by Tagesschau in an article on the German government’s defense strategy against cyber attack.
Linus Dahlander, ESMT

"Integrating a workforce into the digital age"

24. Mai 2019
Linus Dahlander discusses the challenges of successfully integrating employees in the face of digital change on HRD Connect.
Sandro Gaycken, ESMT Berlin

"IT-Experte sieht Stromnetze als 'sehr verwundbar'"

23. Mai 2019
Sandro Gaycken was interviewed by Inforadio on the potential danger of cyber attacks on Germany's power grid.
Tamer Boyaci, ESMT

"Researchers devise new framework for retailers to improve the positioning of products"

23. Mai 2019
Market Business News picked up new research by Tamer Boyaci and Frank Huettner on consumer choice.
Ai Nakajima, Marriage for All

Student Blog: "ESMT Berlin alumna leads Marriage for All campaign in Japan"

22. Mai 2019
MBA graduate Ai Nakajima is one of the pioneers to launch a campaign that demands equal rights for same-sex couples in Japan.
Isabel Skierka, ESMT

"Sicherheitshalber Spezial" – Aspen Cyber Security Forum 2019

19. Mai 2019
In this podcast, Isabel Skierka discusses the role of the German Federal Office for Information Security and a new draft law on IT security.