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"The Great Anti-China Tech Alliance"

16. September 2019
Martin Schallbruch co-authored an article in Foreign Policy on global cybersecurity alliances.
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"Brexit-Kampagne der Hardliner ist wie ein 'Dschihad'"

14. September 2019
Bild.de reports on Lord Patten's criticism of the conservative party that he expressed in his ESMT Open Lecture on Brexit.
Lord Chris Patten

"Ehemaliger EU-Kommissar Chris Patten warnt vor neuer Gewalt in Nordirland"

13. September 2019
Handelsblatt reports on the ESMT Open Lecture with Lord Chris Patten on the topics of Brexit and Hong Kong (metered paywall).
Lord Chris Patten

"Lord Patten warnt vor einem harten Brexit"

13. September 2019
An RBB Inforadio broadcast highlighted Lord Chris Patten's comments on Brexit that he made in his ESMT Open Lecture.
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"Die Chinesen spielen nach völlig anderen Regeln"

12. September 2019
At his ESMT Open Lecture, Lord Chris Patten commented on the current situation in Hong Kong, as covered by die Welt (metered paywall).
Martin Schallbruch, ESMT Berlin

"Europa und die USA müssen gemeinsam für Cybersicherheit sorgen"

11. September 2019
Martin Schallbruch co-wrote an article on transatlantic cybersecurity rules, published in Handelsblatt.
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"Regierungskommission für stärkere Rechte von Verbrauchern"

10. September 2019
Handelsblatt reports on the proposal to strengthen the role of consumers as part of adapting competition laws for digitalization, mentioning Martin Schallbruch.
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"Berlin fordert ein schärferes Wettbewerbsrecht für Google und Co."

10. September 2019
Martin Schallbruch is mentioned in Neue Zürcher Zeitung for advising on the adaptation of competition laws for digitalization.
Oezlem Bedre-Defolie, ESMT Berlin

ESMT Berlin professor awarded 1.5 million euro grant for research on digital markets

3. September 2019 | Press release
Özlem Bedre-Defolie, associate professor of economics at ESMT Berlin, has been awarded the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant.
Martin Schallbruch, ESMT Berlin

"Ex-BND-Chef: Digitaler Gegenschlag ist 'Akt nationalen Anstands'"

3. September 2019
Martin Schallbruch is quoted by Heise Online in an article about Germany's use of cyber defense and security.

„Macher30 – der Ehrenpreis des Ostens“ gestartet

2. September 2019 | Press release
ESMT Berlin supports the “Macher30” competition, an award for leading personalities who have advanced business, science, and local communities in Eastern Germany 30 years after reunification.
Chengwei Liu, Jan Nimczik, Huseyin Gurkan

ESMT Berlin welcomes three new professors

30. August 2019 | Press information
ESMT Berlin has hired three new professors, strengthening the business school’s research and teaching in the areas of behavioral strategy, labor economics, and management science.

"Woman of the Month: From Beirut to Silicon Valley...The Story of Farah Charafeddine"

27. August 2019
EMBA almuna Farah Charafeddine is featured in An-Nahar for developing the micro-heart pump, a medical innovation.
Alumni Achievement Award 2019 - Peter Minev II

"MBA success stories: Peter Minev, ESMT Berlin"

19. August 2019
Peter Minev, ESMT alumnus and winner of the school's Alumni Award for Leadership Achievement, is interviewed by AMBA.

"Four Top Schools Launch Exchange Program for Master’s in Management Students"

19. August 2019
QS Top MBA reports on the Global MIM Network, a new multiple school exchange program in which ESMT is one of the partner schools.