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Global Unicorn Program in Deep Tech

CKGSB-ESMT Global Unicorn Program in Deep Tech (GUP.1)

Duration: 4 Days
Location: Berlin
Dates: 28. - 31. Oct 2024
8,000 €

Deep tech business strategies for success

Executive education program in English

Joint program with

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The Global Unicorn Program in Deep Tech will help you tackle the challenges of growing, scaling, internationalizing and exiting deep tech ventures. Additionally, it will prepare you to adapt to key trends in the market and show you how to fine-tune your strategies accordingly. 

  • Benefit from CKGSB’s track record of fostering 151 unicorn companies and ESMT’s reputation for business education excellence. 
  • Immerse yourself in a curriculum that combines the latest advancements in deep tech with practical business strategy. 
  • Learn how to make the right long-term decisions for your business. 

The Global Unicorn Program in Deep Tech is a joint program delivered by ESMT Berlin and CKGSB. It is designed for founders, investors, and business leaders who aspire to embrace cutting-edge technologies to make positive, lasting impacts on society and the planet.  

With a mission to foster the growth of the next generation of unicorn companies while prioritizing global responsibility and sustainable value generation, the Global Unicorn program offers an opportunity for you to delve into the forefront of innovation and engage directly with industry experts, unicorn founders, seasoned investors, and an international network of peers. 

CKGSB-ESMT Global Unicorn Program in Deep Tech (GUP.1)

Duration: 4 Days
Location: Berlin
Dates: 28. - 31. Oct 2024
8,000 €

Your profile

The Deep Tech Unicorn Program is made for visionary leaders working in digital industries and deep tech: 

  • Founders of ambitious deep tech startups looking for insights and investments to help them grow their businesses to unicorn status.  
  • Investors from venture capital or private equity firms, as well as other investment entities, including corporate venture arms and family offices. 
  • Senior executives from leading organizations committed to adopting deep technology. 
  • Key figures from NGOs, senior government officials, or representatives from the public sector dedicated to regulating and supporting ecosystems for deep tech unicorns.   

Typical profiles include: Founder & CEO, Strategic Advisor, VP of Open Innovation & Venturing, Head of Strategy, Head of Digital Innovation, VP of Engineering, Sales Operations Director, Solution Architecture Director, Supply Chain Business Partner, Chief Technology Officer, COO, VP. 

Program Highlights

  • Master Deep Tech: Understand key tactics for scaling a deep tech business globally: growth strategies and globalization, scalable organizations, and financing strategies.
  • Embrace the potential of next gen computing: Learn how artificial intelligence and new computing power (such as quantum computing) will impact your business and explore ways to make your organization ready for the future. 
  • Innovate for a Greener World: Explore how environmental and social responsibility can generate value for your business. 
  • Gain Insights from Global Experts: A diverse faculty made up of internationally renowned educators from across Asia, Europe and beyond will deliver this program. Their expertise and the diversity of their perspectives will help you face the complexities of the deep tech industry as you build long-term strategies for the success of your business. 
  • Access Exclusive Company Visits: Gain insights into cutting-edge industries and emerging trends shaping the future of deep tech. Get first-hand experience of leading German companies and the innovation that drives them through exclusive visits. 
  • Network with Global Innovators: Establish connections with unicorn founders, industry experts, investors, and peers. 


  • Key tactics for scaling globally and how to implement them
  • The transformative impact of artificial intelligence and emerging computing powers 
  • Inherent challenges to deep tech innovation 
  • Design agility and adaptable organizational structures 
  • How to streamline the deep tech development journey 
  • Integrating environmental and social responsibility into business strategies


  • Ranked #10 globally for Executive Education
  • This program is run in partnership with Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) – one of China’s leading business schools – which has been offering programs for aspiring unicorn founders since 2015. 
  • Expand your network and learn from the experiences of your peers 

Our program partner

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)

Established in Beijing in November 2002, CKGSB is China’s first privately-funded, research-intensive and non-for-profit business school. CKGSB stands apart for its full-time, world-class faculty, research excellence, China insights and unparalleled alumni network. More than half of CKGSB’s 22,000 alumni are at the CEO or Chairman level and, collectively, they lead one fifth of China’s 100 most valuable brands. 

CKGSB is the first business school, since 2015, to offer programs specifically designed for unicorn and soon-to-be-unicorn founders. It aims to build a global ecosystem for the next generation of unicorn and soon-to-be-unicorn companies, with a renewed and enhanced emphasis on global responsibility, social purpose and long-term perspective. Thus far, this ecosystem has developed 1,188 founders and co-founders of companies with Series A to more mature start-up companies, including 151 unicorns among which 41 listed on CB Insights (2017-2022). 

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Meet our faculty

A team of globally diverse professors and teaching staff carefully chosen from CKGSB and ESMT Berlin, anchors our unicorn program and brings a wealth of experience and expertise in entrepreneurship and technology. This ensures that you will receive top-notch guidance in scaling your venture.

Francis de Véricourt

Professor, Joachim Faber Chair in Business and Technology, Academic Director of the Institute for Deep Tech Innovation (DEEP), ESMT Berlin

Xiang Bing

Founding Dean and Dean's Distinguished Chair Professor of China Business and Globalization, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)
Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Participate in multiple programs and earn ESMT's postgraduate diploma in management — a university-level certificate that formally recognizes your professional development.

Your program advisor

Your program advisor

​​​​​​​Beatrix Becker
Head of Business Development, ESMT Berlin

Phone: +49 30 21231 6205

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