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General Management Seminar participants

General Management Seminar

General Management Seminar (GMS.65)

Module 1
Duration: 5 Days
Dates: 16. - 20. Jun 2025
Module 2
Duration: 5 Days
Residenzschloss Bamberg
Dates: 15. - 19. Sep 2025
Module 3
Duration: 5 Days
Dates: 3. - 7. Nov 2025
20,500 €

Succeed in the transition to general management

Executive education program in German

General managers operate in the area of conflict between the interests of customers, suppliers, employees, investors and the society. In addition, globalization, digital transformation and environmental protection regulations are changing technologies and social processes at great speed.

For innovative and international companies, global competition offers both opportunities and risks. As a leader, you are expected to identify trends, plan strategically, motivate employees, ensure the financial stability of your company, respond appropriately to sudden challenges such as the Corona pandemic as well as to think innovatively and act in a socially responsible manner.

Our program prepares you to take on these broad responsibilities. You will learn how to address both the technology and innovation dynamics of our time as well as the cost pressures. You will learn how to develop strategies, initiate change processes, control risks, lead confidently and assume your corporate and social responsibility.

You will improve your strategic thinking by occupying a position on the board of directors in a business simulation. The essential aspects of team leadership and development will be demonstrated during a full-day outdoor training.

Participation in General Management Seminar has been a milestone in the careers of many of our alumni, because apart from the skills they have gained, they have been provided with a network of peer leaders and experts from academia and practice.

The program consists of three modules: Module 1 spans six days, while Modules 2 and 3 each comprise five days. Additionally, there are two half-day online modules.

Want to attend an English-language version of this program? Visit the page for Executive Transition Program.

General Management Seminar (GMS.65)

Module 1
Duration: 5 Days
Dates: 16. - 20. Jun 2025
Module 2
Duration: 5 Days
Residenzschloss Bamberg
Dates: 15. - 19. Sep 2025
Module 3
Duration: 5 Days
Dates: 3. - 7. Nov 2025
20,500 €

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  • The program is aimed at executives with performance responsibility who are about to assume or have recently assumed a position as general manager. Previous participants have included managing directors, board members and executives from the areas of development, communications, IT, production and engineering, sales, marketing, controlling, finance, HR and the legal department.


  • Identify key stakeholders and their interests
  • Think and act across functions
  • Develop and implement corporate strategies
  • Shape and implement change processes
  • Assume responsibility for economic, ecological and social actions
  • Manage and motivate employees


  • Corporate management
  • Strategic management
  • Financial management
  • Innovation and technology
  • Social responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Sustainability


Teaching staff

ESMT's teaching staff is made up of internationally renowned educators with practical business experience, which means the program offers strategies, insights and ideas informed by evidence-based research and tested in real-world scenarios.

Prof. Jörg Rocholl

ist Präsident der ESMT und Deutsche Bank Professor in Sustainable Finance. Er ist Vorsitzender des Wissenschaftlichen Beirats beim Bundesministerium der Finanzen und Vorsitzender des Steering Committee des Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM)

Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg

ist Dean of Programs der ESMT Berlin. Professor Hungenberg arbeitet als Berater und Dozent für Strategie-, Innovations- und Veränderungsmanagement

Christoph Burger

ist Senior Lecturer der ESMT Berlin. Seine Forschungsschwerpunkte liegen im Energiesektor/Innovation/Blockchain und Entscheidungsfindung/Verhandlungen

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Müller

ist Professor für Finanzbuchhaltung, Universität zu Köln. Seine Forschungsschwerpunkte sind Offenlegung von Finanzinformationen an Kapitalmärkten und Themen der internationalen Rechnungslegung sowie zur Unternehmensbesteuerung

Dr. Franziska Frank

ist Visiting Lecturer an der ESMT Berlin im Bereich Führungskompetenzen. Ihre Schwerpunkte umfassen die Themen Einflussnahme und Führung mit Demut. Daneben arbeitet sie freiberuflich als Autorin und Keynote Speakerin

Dr. Ulf Schäfer

ist Visiting Lecturer an der ESMT und Associate Professor of Practice an der SDA Bocconi. Seine Lehr- und Forschungsschwerpunkte sind Führung, Veränderung und verantwortungsbewusstes Management


Carolin Puppel

ist Program Director, Executive Education an der ESMT Berlin. Ihr Schwerpunktthema ist KI-Strategie und Implementierung



General Management Seminar is a very balanced, intensive program that comprehensively prepares participants for the leading and management of a modern organization in a very short period of time.

Barbara Gerold-Wolke, Head of Donations, Ärzte ohne Grenzen e. V.

A really comprehensive management seminar with great lecturers. Thank you for all the input.

Christian Meusel, Abteilungsleiter, Berliner Volksbank eG


Payment is required before the program begins and includes all program materials, daytime catering at ESMT campus (lunch and coffee breaks), and some dinners. Please be aware that travel, accommodation expenses, and daytime catering during program modules held outside our campus (or in other locations) are not covered.

General terms and conditions

Our general terms and conditions for open seminars and information about application and cancellation policy can be found here.

Read our general terms and conditions

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Women's Scholarships

In order to increase the proportion of women in management positions, ESMT awards two full and two partial scholarships. The scholarship for the General Management Seminar is aimed at experienced female managers who have demonstrated entrepreneurial initiative in the course of their careers and can show visible success in their area of responsibility.

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Your Program Advisor

Your program advisor

​​​​​​​Beatrix Becker
Head of Business Development, ESMT Berlin

Phone: +49 30 21231 6205

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