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Dreaming up a world – how luxury brands create desire

You could argue that “if you can’t afford this, then it is a luxury.” But that’s not so much a statement about the object or its value as it is about the person who is buying it. Will it work to simply put a million-dollar price tag on a product to master the art of creating a luxury brand? Unlikely. What you need to master first is creating desire for something extraordinary.

When goods-based companies turn to consulting

One reason usually is an unsatisfactory development of profit margins in the goods-related business. Better profits can often be obtained from services.

Seven recommendations to start selling consulting services successfully:


1. Like any market entrant, new management consulting companies need clear strategic profiling.

There are three strategies to secure market success:

Big data – great power or great waste?

Was it big hype or was it a sobering glimpse into the future of the digital landscape? After all, the global pursuit of oil profits was at the expense of our environment and communities. Will data and data analytics cost us as dearly as this or will big data aid us in reaching our sustainability goals?


Basel III Finalized. What's next for the US and the EU?

His focus was on the future of US and EU financial relationships as well as tensions between national sovereignty trends and global efforts for regulatory harmonization.


"Do bankers and supervisors across the Atlantic share the same convictions?" asked Dombret. "I am convinced that there is at least one major area of common ground, and that is the uncertainty we feel with respects to how things will proceed."


The customer is not always king

Service sector workers are often required to enforce certain rules. Researchers in the "International Journal of Research in Marketing" reported how this affects their relationship with customers.

Prof. Dr. Johannes Habel from ESMT Berlin (European School of Management and Technology), Prof. Dr. Sascha Alavi, formerly at the Université Lausanne in Switzerland, today from Ruhr University Bochum, and Prof. Dr. Doreén Pick from the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences cooperated on the study.

Innovating towards your customers' future needs

A recent study by Michael A. Stanko and Joseph M. Bonner sheds new light onto this topic. By examining data from 128 companies in a variety of B2B markets, the study isolates three key recommendations in order to understand future customer needs and hereby develop better innovations:

What would a 'Brexit' mean for Europe?

Europe faces one of its most challenging situations in decades and stands at the crossroads. A Brexit could trigger similar movements in other EU countries, in the Netherlands for instance, and result in a major reshuffling of European politics. Its severe consequences would be felt in different ways: