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Business Models for a Sustainable Energy Future

Dates: 19. Sep 2023 - 19. Sep 2023
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 1,300 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Gaining an in-depth view into the changes that will shape the energy sector in the future
    • Developing enhanced skills with respect to identifying critical information and issues in complex situations and offering new solutions to complex problems
    • Understanding and being able to exploit the potential of technology for innovation and growth, including showing an understanding of the importance of technology in delivering a more sustainable future for business, and being innovative in developing business solutions
    Target audience:
    • Executives who want to acquire new strategic skills and familiarize themselves with new business models to react to the changing emerging market.
    • Although the course is about the energy sector, it does not require an industry background. If you are generally interested in the developments that take place in this industry, you are most welcome to participate and share your own expertise in strategy, innovation, and business transformation with the group and enrich the discussions.
    Topics: Innovation, Strategy

Leadership in Action

Dates: 20. Sep 2023 - 22. Sep 2023
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 4,500 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Generating greater value by building bridges between people
    • Inventing new practices for leading
    • Identifying and reinforcing your interpersonal strengths
    • Aligning yourself and the leadership role
    Target audience:
    • Managers and independent collaborators who are open to experiencing an action-based leadership program.
    Topics: Leadership

Bitkom Management Club - Executive Management and Mentoring Program

Dates: 20. Sep 2023 - 06. Sep 2024
Duration: 15 days
Location: Berlin
Language: German
Tuition: 17,000 €

  • Key benefits:
    • You will learn how to create a sustainable growth path in the digital environment and how to succeed with innovative strategic approaches.
    • You will gain the skills to master challenging and complex negotiation situations.
    • You develop your own leadership vision and look at your personal operational and strategic network profiles.
    • You learn how to lead employees and high-performance teams, empower them to take responsibility and use their strengths profitably.
    Target audience:
    • Executives who already have their first management experience and now need targeted support for their future tasks in the digital economy.
    Topics: Change management, Decision making, Finance, Leadership, Innovation, Communication, Marketing and sales, Strategy, Negotiations

Decision Making in Times of Uncertainty

Dates: 25. Sep 2023 - 26. Sep 2023
Duration: 2 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 2,800 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Designing decision-making processes that combine rationality and intuition
    • Learning how to avoid common decision-making mistakes
    • Recognizing your own biases to prevent them from influencing your decisions
    • Understanding how to best utilize big data and evidence-based decision making
    Target audience:
    • Professionals and managers in all functions who are actively engaged in decision making in times of increasing volatility and uncertainty.
    Topics: Decision making

Solid Growth - Strategy and Strategy Implementation

Dates: 27. Sep 2023 - 29. Sep 2023
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 4,100 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Creating a sustainable strategic advantage.
    • Sharpening your strategic acumen and applying strategic thinking to create a strategic advantage for the business.
    • Designing and formulating winning competitive strategies.
    • Building your strategic advantage.
    Target audience:
    • Managers involved in strategic decision making and implementation of business units in established companies.
    • Executives in new corporations seeking to generate strategic advantages.
    Topics: Strategy