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Leading People and Teams

Dates: 13. Jun 2023 - 16. Jun 2023
Duration: 4 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 5,600 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Identifying the mindset, skills, and behaviors required of effective leaders
    • Learning how to leverage your strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your network
    • Acquiring the tools to strengthen your professional network
    • Broadening your active network of global business contacts
    Target audience:
    • Executives with at least five years of experience in leading teams who wish to be more effective in reaching
      organizational goals through people.
    Topics: Leadership

Bringing Technology to Market

Module 1
Dates: 20. Jun 2023 - 23. Jun 2023
Duration: 4 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 12,400 €
  • Module 2
    Duration: 4 Days
    Location: Charlottesville, USA
    Module 3
    Duration: 4 Days
    Location: t.b.a.

    Key benefits:
    • Partcipating in a consortial program program that brings senior managers with similar backgrounds from technology-driven companies together
    • Developing the right understanding, concepts, and tools for improving revenue generation in the global market
    • Building an international network of peers
    Target audience:

    Participants with a leading position in technology-driven, globally active B2B companies who are responsible for generating business.

    Topics: Marketing and sales, Strategy, Technologies (AI, Blockchain, VR), Negotiations

Leading with Psychological Intelligence

Dates: 20. Jun 2023 - 23. Jun 2023
Duration: 4 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 5,700 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Understanding better the principles of human behavior within organizations
    • Increasing acceptance of your ideas and work requests
    • Establishing more productive working relationships
    • Gaining insights into your own leadership motivations and behaviors
    Target audience:
    • Executives leading diverse individuals or teams whose ability to mobilize the talents and efforts of others directly affects the successful achievement of company goals.
    Topics: Leadership

Der Aufsichtsrat

Dates: 22. Jun 2023 - 23. Jun 2023
Duration: 2 Days
Location: Hirschburg / Königswinter
Language: German
Tuition: 3,000 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Understanding what is important in the supervision of board and executive management
    • Gaining confidence regarding the selection and compensation of human resources
    • Learning how to best cooperate with the auditor
    • Developing insights into internal and external communication
    • Increasing the efficiency of supervisory board work
    • Exchanging experiences and making new contacts with representatives from a wide range of industries and disciplines
    Target audience:
    • Current and future members of supervisory, administrative, or advisory boards. Board members, managing directors, and advisory staff function executives who cooperate closely with supervisory boards, such as legal advisors, compliance officers, and investment controllers, will also benefit from this program.
    • ESMT Berlin is a cooperation partner of the annual symposium for supervisory boards.
    Topics: Finance, Governance / Supervisory Board

Women's Leadership Excellence

Dates: 28. Jun 2023 - 30. Jun 2023
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 4,200 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Understanding and leveraging your own authentic female leadership excellence
    • Receiving tried and tested advice from world-class faculty, trainers and peers on career progression and satisfaction
    • Gaining clarity on the next career move and the steps towards the next level of leadership
    • Becoming change makers and creators for more inclusive workplaces.
    Target audience:
    • Female leaders/executives with responsibility for a team(s) or large projects
    • Senior experts leading global projects/teams in the transition to leadership positions
    • Outstanding female leaders in other areas.
    Topics: Leadership, Communication