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Emerging Leaders Program partticipants in the classroom

Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders Program (ELP.21)

Module 1
Duration: 4 Days
Dates: 22. - 25. Oct 2024
Module 2
Duration: 3 Days
Milan, Italy
Dates: 27. - 29. Nov 2024
9,500 €

Preparing talents for effective and responsible leadership

Executive education program in English


Joint program with:

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High-potentials assigned to their first significant leadership role need to prove themselves to their superiors, their teams, and peers. Succeeding requires a profound change in both skills and mindset: from a talent who delivers value individually to a leader who creates value with and through others. The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to enable you to manage this critical transition and realize your full leadership potential.

  • Explore the multi-faceted challenges of leadership and its psychological and ethical foundations.

  • Learn how to create value through the activities of others as well as your own 

  • Developing your leadership skills 

  • Expanding your network, so you can gain continued support from other promising future leaders far beyond the program’s sessions 

Emerging Leaders Program (ELP.21)

Module 1
Duration: 4 Days
Dates: 22. - 25. Oct 2024
Module 2
Duration: 3 Days
Milan, Italy
Dates: 27. - 29. Nov 2024
9,500 €

Your profile

  • You are a managers who has recently been appointed to your first significant leadership position.

  • You are a high potential individual in preparation for your first significant leadership role.

  • The program is designed to embrace participants with diverse professional and personal backgrounds across regions, sectors, and industries.


  • Acquire knowledge, mindset, and tools needed to successfully transition into a leadership role.

  • Gain awareness of the challenges and responsibilities that come with leadership.

  • Learn how to create value for yourself and your organization by fostering productive working relationships with your collaborators, peers, and superiors.

  • Benefit from our post-program support which will provide you with a source of state-of-the-art business knowledge and a thriving global community of emerging leaders.


Module 1: The context of leadership

ESMT Berlin

  • Understand the company behind the organization chart

  • Build an effective network

  • Create value through downward, upward, and lateral management

  • Motivate yourself and others

  • Lead teams with social identity

Module 2: Personal leadership skills

SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy

  • Understand organizational culture and shape team culture

  • Communicate as a leader

  • Leadership transitions and self­-development

  • Ethical and psychological foundations of leadership

Why choose ESMT?

  • ESMT Berlin is consistently ranked as one of the best business schools in Europe for executive education
  • This program can be taken as part of a post-graduate diploma in management
  • Diverse classes, interactive exercises, renowned faculty, peer-to-peer coaching 
  • Delivered in partnership with SDA Bocconi


SDA Bocconi
Emerging Leaders Program participants
Companies Represented
Program impressions

Our Partner's campus in the heart of Milan, Italy

Program Impressions

Explore glimpses of our vibrant classroom and engaged participants.


Companies represented in the program

Meet our teaching staff

The programs have been
designed – and will be led –
by ESMT faculty members
and ESMT visiting faculty.
They will also guide and
advise you throughout
your studies.

Ulf Schäfer

Visiting Lecturer, ESMT Berlin and Associate Professor of Practice, SDA Bocconi

Gianluca Carnabuci

Professor of Organizational Behavior and Ingrid and Manfred Gentz Chair in Business and Society, ESMT Berlin

Urs Müller

Visiting Lecturer, ESMT Berlin and Associate Professor of Practice, SDA Bocconi


Emerging Leaders Program equipped me with a fair amount of leadership concepts and real world examples to take on challenges in my profession and beyond.

My talented and energetic cohort has a positive influence on me and it is a privilege to join them in the classroom.” 

Abhinav Gupta, Program Manager, Allianz Technology

"With 25 participants, the program was the largest, youngest and also most international that I have been able to attend so far as part of the ESMT Postgraduate Diploma. For me, the exchange within the group was very special and inspiring. Many contacts would not have been made in everyday life and I am grateful to have had this experience.

"Not anybody is alike and we like it" - this quote describes the course well!"

 Niklas Löhr, Head of Sales Footwear, FOND OF GmbH


“It was a program that taught me a lot of leadership concepts and real examples on how to deal with challenges in my professional career.”

Bárbara Pereira, Head of OT Cyber Resilience, Galp

Participant's voice

We had a perfect mix of business cases, lectures, and outstanding activities. In addition, you feel welcome from the first moment.

Adolfo Galán, Operations Director, ThyssenKrupp Encasa

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

This program can also be taken as part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management curriculum. Bring your career to the next level and gain the formal recognition of your professional development with this university-level certificate.

Earn your certificate

Your Program Advisor

Your program advisor

​​​​​​​Beatrix Becker
Head of Business Development, ESMT Berlin

Phone: +49 30 21231 6205

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