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Executive MBA career change management

Take control of your career transition

While the Executive MBA typically offers students an opportunity to excel in their current organization, many self-funded candidates may wish to use their ESMT experience to change their careers – whether that means switching company, industry, country, or functional role. 

Regardless of the career goals, ESMT works with students to help them take control of their careers, using a tailored, individualized approach that focuses on personal one-on-one discussions with career change professionals and recruiters. 

Student voices

A "five-course menu for your brain".

Executive MBA student Ulrike Eckel talks through her highlights from the program.

Career Fair 2023

Tips and tricks from top recruiters

Top recruiters share their advance for students planning their post-MBA careers.

Career Fair 2022

ESMT Careers

Scenes from our Career Fair January 2022

MBA Talent Forum 2021

ESMT Careers

Scenes from our MBA Talent Forum November 2021

How the Career Development Center Can Help You

Career support and guidance

Students wishing to embark on a career change during the EMBA can contact ESMT during the application process for a CV feedback review. The Admissions team provides first feedback on the candidate's fit with ESMT and where synergy is possible for career change.

During the program, students can focus on personal and professional development to advance their careers. Individual coaching provides another opportunity, in addition to group-coaching and peer-coaching, for participants to self-reflect and plan their future careers.

Contact the Career Development Center team if you have questions about our services and events.


Many EMBA alumni have used their new skills and knowledge to found and develop new companies.

If this is something that interests you, there are a variety of resources that you can access to learn more.

ESMT’s entrepreneurship hub, Vali Berlin has an extensive network, particularly in the Berlin startup and venture capital community. 

Networking opportunities

The ESMT Berlin corporate and alumni networks are strong and closely connected around the globe.

EMBA participants can choose to work individually with the Career Development Center and the EMBA Faculty Lead to arrange one-to-one networking opportunities with relevant members. 

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Alumni perspectives

"When deciding between different business schools for my EMBA, a focus on personal development both as an individual and as a peer coach was an important decision criterion – and one that contributed substantially towards my choice of ESMT Berlin."

Andreas Christensen, EMBA alumni

Ines' EMBA story

From a public servant (English teacher), to an NGO founder, a think tank managing director, to a social impact strategist for Amparo, Ines Amri has taken her career to varying heights.

The ESMT Executive MBA challenged her to reconsider her leadership style, work culture perceptions, and decision-making processes. 

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Careers Blog

The ESMT Blog offers additional insight and information directly from our students. Explore the Careers page on the blog to get an inside look into the professional career development opportunities available with ESMT Berlin.

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