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Innovation Sprint

An Innovation Sprint from Idea to Business

Executive education program in English

An Innovation Sprint from Idea to Business (ISP.8)

Duration: 5 Days
Location: Berlin
6,480 €

How do entrepreneurs make ideas happen?

This course is a hands-on experience in which you have to generate your business idea in an accelerated environment. Entrepreneurship primarily addresses the challenges of going from generating an idea, testing it in the market, and iteratively developing the idea to improve it. The course uses a hands-on approach. You will receive guidance on how to structure and implement an entrepreneurial business, ranging from the inception of a product/service design to raising capital. Throughout the course, the cross-functional and interdisciplinary nature of going from idea to company will be emphasized. We will also invite guest speakers in the form of entrepreneurs, business angels and venture capitalists who will share their insights.

An Innovation Sprint from Idea to Business (ISP.8)

Duration: 5 Days
Location: Berlin
6,480 €

Your profile

  • Executives with a background in engineering, business development, strategy, marketing, or sales who are eager to learn how to become entrepreneurs and be able to quickly advance an idea inside a company.


This course aims to develop your ability to

  • Apply knowledge, frameworks and techniques from many disciplines, such as marketing and finance, in the context of going from idea to company.
  • Modify existing tools to offer new solutions to complex problems or to create new opportunities.
  • Deliver effective written and oral presentations.
  • Identify all relevant stakeholders and propose solutions that take into account multiple interests when setting up new ventures.
  • Be innovative in the development of business solutions/ideas.

Date and Location

Date: June 10 - 14, 2024

Duration: 5 days

Location: ESMT Berlin campus

Price: 6,480 €


Meet our teaching staff

The programs have been 
designed – and will be led –
by ESMT faculty members 
and ESMT visiting faculty. 
They will also guide and 
advise you throughout 
your studies.

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

This program can also be taken as part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management curriculum. Bring your career to the next level and gain the formal recognition of your professional development with this university-level certificate.

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Your Program Advisor

Your program advisor

​​​​​​​Beatrix Becker
Head of Business Development, ESMT Berlin

Phone: +49 30 21231 6205

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