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Student support at ESMT Berlin

Student support

Physical health & mental well-being during your studies

It is not always smooth sailing when studying. At ESMT, we focus on all aspects of student well-being and safety, and aim to provide the support needed to maintain our students' physical and mental health.

Mental health support

As a school with demanding curricula and where most students come from diverse backgrounds, we recognize the struggles of studying may have an adverse effect on a students’ mental health. As a result, we are committed to providing students the appropriate resources, tools and support to look after their psychological well-being. This includes a dedicated Student Services Office, access to personal counseling with our external partner, mindfulness training, special consideration and more.

Physical well-being

As a member of ESMT Berlin, you have the chance to use the entire range of sports offers of Berlin universities at a very small fee. The sport offerings range from classic sports courses like Badminton, Pilates, Football or Hockey to Oriental Contemporary Dance, Shiatsu or Ultimate Frisbee, to name just a few.

Students playing table tennis on ESMT campus
Physical health

Students, faculty and staff periodically meet to play table tennis, volleyball and soccer on the ESMT campus

Studying with a disability

As per the law, students with any (visible or not) disability or long-term/chronic illness have the right to reasonable accommodation, to compensate for the disadvantage they would be facing otherwise.

ESMT is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate accommodation and compensations for students with disability.

For further information, questions or concerns, you may get in touch with the Student Services Office. They will be able to provide guidance in relation to:

  • How to request compensation for disadvantage (“Nachteilsausgleich”) at ESMT
  • Mobility on ESMT Campus
  • State Benefits (“Inklusionsleistungen”)
  • Pass for Severe Disability (“Schwerbehindertenausweis”)

We also recommend you contact and use the counselling service of Studierendenwerk Berlin, which offers vast resources on barrier-free studies, in English as well as in German.