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Dignity and humiliation in executive coaching

In an online meeting earlier this year, a high-level executive at KPMG UK said employees should “stop moaning” about the pandemic and dismissed staff fears about proposed salary and pension cuts as “playing the victim.” Although he later apologized to his team for his choice of words, the leaked video of his comments prompted a public outcry and lead to his resignation from the company. 

How do executive coaches deal with cases of clients feeling humiliated or humiliating others? 

Konstantin Korotov joined ESMT Berlin in 2005, gained tenure in 2011, and serves as both a professor of organizational behavior and as the faculty lead in the ESMT Executive MBA program. In addition to his academic work and his award-winning publications, he has over 25 years of management and leadership development experience, consulting world-class corporations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. 

In episode #12 of Campus 10178, the ESMT Berlin podcast, Konstantin discusses the ESMT Berlin Coaching Colloquia, a training series for executive coaches, and the theme of its twelfth colloquium: dignity and humiliation in executive coaching practice. 

Links to Konstantin Korotov and the ESMT Berlin Coaching Colloquium 

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