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Will robots take my job?

Martin Unger is the managing director of WATTx, a company bringing deep tech solutions to traditional industry. Mandy Hübener is a program director at ESMT, with a primary focus on organizational culture and change. In episode #6 of Campus 10178, the ESMT Berlin podcast, the two discuss the modern workforce in the age of AI. Is machine learning and other digital innovation supporting new work models that truly encourage autonomy, cooperation, and collaboration? Or is it all so much “blockchain blahblahblah”?

About Campus 10178

Campus 10178 is Germany’s #1 podcast on the business research behind business practice. Brought to you each month by ESMT Berlin, the 45-minute show brings together top scholars, executives, and policymakers to discuss today’s hottest topics in leadership, innovation, and analytics. Campus 10178 – Where education meets business.