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Managing Sales

Dates: 11. Dec 2023 - 13. Dec 2023
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 4,100 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Experiencing innovative approaches to customer-centric, value and solution selling
    • Understanding the opportunities of technologies for sales
    • Exploring how to reorganize the sales organization
    • Being exposed to new frameworks, research insights, and best-practice examples
    • Learning the benefits of clearly defined roles and selling behaviors
    • Exchanging ideas with peers from different industries
    Target audience:
    • Managers with several years of professional experience in sales, marketing, or customer management.
    Topics: Marketing and sales

Full-Time MBA

Dates: 08. Jan 2024 - 04. Mar 2024
Duration: 15 months
Location: ESMT Campus, Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 49,000 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Specific mission-led focus on issues of responsible leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovationo
    • Three core tracks reflecting the strengths and needs of the German labor market: Managerial Analytics, Strategic Leadership, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    • Consulting project to apply your strategic learning to a team-based applied fieldwork
    • Individual and personalized career coaching
    • Our students are 95% international, over 85% of them stay in Germany to work after graduation
    Target audience:
    • Students who have minimum of three years professional experience in any field and now feel ready to move to broader business-wide leadership responsibility
    Topics: Data analytics, Leadership, Governance / Supervisory Board, Innovation, Strategy, Technologies (AI, Blockchain, VR)

Mastering Negotiations

Dates: 21. Feb 2024 - 23. Feb 2024
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 4,100 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Enhancing your conceptual, strategic, and practical understanding of negotiation
    • Refining your critical negotiation skills
    • Gaining a fundamental understanding of how to set up value-adding negotiation scenarios
    Target audience:

    Accomplished professionals who frequently conduct negotiations within their firms as well as with outside parties.

    Topics: Negotiations

AI for Managers

Dates: 20. Mar 2024 - 22. Mar 2024
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 3,350 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Explore the practical applications and use cases of AI across various industries 

    • Learn how to develop a successful AI strategy for your business 

    • Understand the core challenges of AI implementation, and how to avoid common pitfalls 

    • Develop your understanding of AI regulations, fairness and ethics. 

    • Network with business leaders and tech experts; share experiences and best practices in AI implementation 

    • Connect with the AI startup scene and learn from founders who are building relevant, innovative use-cases 

    Target audience:

    This course is designed for those executives who are mid-to-senior-level managers with eight or more years of experience in management and leadership, who want to gain a strategic understanding of AI and its applications in various domains.

    You will benefit from this course if you are:

    • An executive or senior leader who wants to explore the latest technology trends and learn how AI can reduce costs, improve outcomes and create competitive advantages for your business.
    • A mid- to senior-level functional manager who wants to leverage AI to enhance performance and efficiency within your area of responsibility and communicate effectively with technology experts about your goals and expectations.
    • A professional looking to upskill and advance in their career with the recent advancement in applications of AI in business
    • A founder or entrepreneur who wants to create or expand your business in the field of AI and machine learning. 
    Topics: Data analytics, Decision making, Strategy, Technologies (AI, Blockchain, VR)

Leading with Psychological Intelligence

Dates: 16. Apr 2024 - 19. Apr 2024
Duration: 4 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 5,700 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Understanding better the principles of human behavior within organizations
    • Increasing acceptance of your ideas and work requests
    • Establishing more productive working relationships
    • Gaining insights into your own leadership motivations and behaviors
    Target audience:
    • Executives leading diverse individuals or teams whose ability to mobilize the talents and efforts of others directly affects the successful achievement of company goals.
    Topics: Leadership