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Choosing the key to success from hanging keys The Art of Desicion Making program

Decision Making in Times of Uncertainty

Executive education program in English

Decision Making in Times of Uncertainty (DMA.20)

Duration 2 Days
Location Berlin
Dates 25. - 26. Sep 2023
2,800 €

Better decision making in a volatile and uncertain environment

Today’s business leaders are increasingly forced to make quick decisions. Good managers will set out with the intention of making a reasoned and well-thought-out judgment call, yet a rational approach to tackling decisions is only one side of the story. Too often, too much emphasis is placed on intuition, and personal biases begin to influence – and fatally flaw – the decision-making process. This tendency should be balanced with objective analysis.

Decision Making in Times of Uncertainty looks at both sides of the equation. Practical experience is merged with up-to-date theoretical concepts. In addition to discussing business case studies with your international peers and ESMT’s distinguished faculty, you will take part in individual and group exercises and tackle common decision-making challenges.

This program is also offered in German language: Entscheidungsfindung in Zeiten von Unsicherheit.

Your profile

  • Professionals and managers in all functions who are actively engaged in decision making in times of increasing volatility and uncertainty.


  • Designing decision-making processes that combine rationality and intuition
  • Learning how to avoid common decision-making mistakes
  • Recognizing your own biases to prevent them from influencing your decisions
  • Understanding how to best utilize big data and evidence-based decision making


  • Making good decisions
  • Understanding decision-making psychology
  • Optimizing group processes

Decision Making in Times of Uncertainty (DMA.20)

Duration 2 Days
Location Berlin
Dates 25. - 26. Sep 2023
2,800 €

Meet our teaching staff

The programs have been 
designed – and will be led –
by ESMT faculty members 
and ESMT visiting faculty. 
They will also guide and 
advise you throughout 
your studies.

Program Structure

Teaching methods

  • Interactive lectures
  • Coaching
  • Decision-making guidelines
  • Experiential exercises
  • Business cases
  • Discussions with peers and faculty
  • Group work

Day 1

Exploring rationality and intuition

  • Elements of a good decision
  • Group decision making in a multi-period setting
  • Mental biases in decision-making processes

Day 2

Implementing rationality and intuition

  • Keynote session with a guest speaker
  • Combining rationality and intuition
  • Integrating evidence-based decision making into leadership culture
  • Exploring decision-making styles
More offers

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

This program can also be taken as part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management curriculum. Bring your career to the next level and gain the formal recognition of your professional development with this university-level certificate.

Earn your certificate

Customized program

Decision Making in Times of Uncertainty can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization, and can be delivered in either the English or German language.

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Your Program Advisor

Your program advisor

​​​​​​​Beatrix Becker
Head of Business Development, ESMT Berlin

Phone: +49 30 21231 6205

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