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Professionelles Verhandeln

Souverän Verhandeln

Souverän Verhandeln (VH.15)

Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Dates: 11. - 13. Jun 2025
4,100 €

The fundamentals of successful negotiations

Executive education program in German

Mastering the art of negotiation means adding value for your company, building stable business relationships and paving the way for long-term professional as well as personal success. Souverän Verhandeln helps you increase your conceptual understanding of negotiation processes by providing you with the intellectual framework to organize this type of interaction.

You will learn how to build and claim value in negotiations and how to effectively prepare and structure them. This will develop your ability to deal with demanding challenges, such as negotiating in a team or in cross-cultural business contexts.

The English language equivalent to this program is Mastering Negotiations.

Souverän Verhandeln (VH.15)

Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Dates: 11. - 13. Jun 2025
4,100 €

Your profile

  • Professionals and executives with some initial negotiation experience who would like to expand their skills and expertise. It will be particularly useful to those involved in multi-party agreements, international negotiations or complex business deals.


  • Improve your conceptual, strategic and practical understanding of effective negotiating
  • Create value for all parties in inclusive negotiations
  • Eliminate obstacles in cross-cultural negotiations
  • Expand your negotiation expertise and acquire new skills to deal with special challenges
  • Assess and improve your personal conflict resolution styles


  • Strengths and weaknesses of various negotiation tactics and styles
  • Setting goals, evaluating offers, and assessing alternatives as well as walk-away situations
  • Multi-party negotiations, coalition dynamics, enduring alliances and sustainable agreements
  • Cross-cultural negotiations
  • Discussion of personal challenges on the negotiation table
  • Group consultation on negotiation strategy, behaviour, and style in different scenario



This video with Professor Martin Schweinsberg will give you a brief overview of the program's content and teaching methods (video in German language).


Professor Martin Schweinsberg: "How do you get exactly what you want in a negotiation? Use this simple sentence"

Meet our teaching staff

The programs have been designed – and will be led –by ESMT faculty members and ESMT visiting faculty. They will also guide and advise you throughout your studies.

Kristina Vadlja

Program Director, Executive Education, ESMT Berlin

Program Structure

Day 1 - Fundamentals of Negotiation

  • Distributive negotiation 
  • Integrative negotiation 

Day 2 - Complex Negotiations

  • Negotiating in Teams
  • Mastering Coalitions
  • Intercultural Negotiations

Day 3 - Your Personal Negotiation Style

  • Negotiation Roleplay 
  • Dealing with Conflicts
  • Listening and Empathy


Timo Guse

“The unique combination of excellent teachers and highly motivated seminar participants, the small group size and "safe space" to explore ideas, all laid the foundation for an enlightening experience. The latest scientific findings were made personally relatable through case studies and further supplemented by practical examples from fellow participants. Last but not least, the constructive peer-to-peer feedback led to three successful days with lots of fun. My expectations of the seminar were definitely met.”

Timo Guse, Asset Manager, Liebherr-International AG

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Postgraduate Diploma in Management

This program can also be taken as part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management curriculum. Bring your career to the next level and gain the formal recognition of your professional development with this university-level certificate.

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Program offer in English language

The English-language equivalent to this program is Mastering Negotiations.

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Your Program Advisor

Your program advisor

​​​​​​​Beatrix Becker
Head of Business Development, ESMT Berlin

Phone: +49 30 21231 6205

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