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HCI research

We generate practical and scientifically relevant knowledge for and about Hidden Champions. In addition, we study the success factors of Hidden Champions through different quantitative and qualitative formats.

Furthermore, we examine the current and future challenges of Hidden Champions to support them in mastering their respective tasks. Examples of such topics include international competitive strategy, innovation, marketing, and sales management as well as governance, leadership, corporate culture, and succession.

Our findings are published in field reports as well as in scientific papers and case studies for university teaching. In addition, we screen our networks for interesting further publications that complement our own research.

Publications from the HCI and its network

For managers

For academics

  • Contracting in Medical Equipment Maintenance Services

    An empirical investigation

    ESMT Publication

    Management Science

    Tian Chan, Francis de Véricourt, Omar Besbes

  • Fire in the Belly?

    Employee motives and innovative performance in startups versus established firms

    ESMT Publication

    Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

    Henry Sauermann

  • Willingness to Rely on Trust in Global Business Collaborations

    Context vs. demography

    ESMT Publication

    Journal of World Business

    Francis Bidault, José de la Torre, Stelios H. Zanakis, Peter Smith Ring

For educators

  • Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (ZPMC)

    ESMT Case Study No. ESMT-314-0148-1

    Olaf Plötner, Peter Utzig, Xuyi Wang, Qing Zhang (2014)

  • Voith Paper: Transforming Sales Costs into Consulting Revenue

    ESMT Publication

    ESMT Case Study No. ESMT-314-0148-1

    Olaf Plötner (2009)