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ESMT students on campus

Diversity and inclusion on campus

Diversity, equity and inclusion are topics that are championed by The Inclusive Leadership Roundtable (ILRT) at ESMT Berlin. The ILRT is an effort of its students, staff, faculty, and administrators to prioritize the values and practices of diversity and inclusion within the school and to champion the same in academia and the business community.

More information regarding the current projects and achievement of the Inclusive Leadership Roundtable can be found on their main webpage.

Diversity Day 2021

As part of Diversity Day 2021, the Inclusive Leadership Roundtable at ESMT Berlin held an in-depth discussion around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, demonstrating our commitment to the Charta der Vielfalt/Diversity Charter.

ESMT Berlin Code of Conduct

The members of the ESMT Berlin community adhere to the Code of Conduct (CoC). It defines and describes the behaviors prohibited between members of the ESMT community, namely discrimination, sexual and sexualized harassment, bullying, and stalking. In addition to the principles by which we stand and the measures to prevent these situations, the CoC contains the school’s responsibilities and procedures related to the violation of this regulation, as well as the resources available to those affected.

The school is committed to developing and maintaining a violence-free environment where social interactions are characterized by mutual appreciation and respect.


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ESMT hosts one of 13 global branches of the Creative Destruction Lab and, has its own unique stream on health.

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In episode 26 of Campus 10178, the ESMT business podcast, host Tammi L. Coles (she/her) welcomes Arjun Subramonian (they/them), a computer science PhD student at UCLA and a member of Queer in AI.

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June 12, 2023 | MenaFN
The Dual Degree Executive program between the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) and ESMT Berlin successfully concluded its seven-day field visit to Berlin, where students attended classes and engaged in various activities to enhance their knowledge and practical skills in management.