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Full-Time MBA Careers

Where will your MBA take you?

Graduating from ESMT with your MBA is just the first step in a career that can now be defined by greater ambitions and broader horizons. Get more information on the career outcomes of full-time MBA Alumni and learn how you can start to prepare for your new career while you are still studying for your MBA.


Jumpstart your next career with ESMT Berlin

The full-time MBA program from ESMT Berlin is designed to develop future leaders and prepare them for the next step of their careers. 

Throughout the MBA program, you’ll work individually with coaches, mentors, and advisors who can give you professional feedback and advice on how to achieve your goals and transition into your next career opportunity. 

Running in parallel to your formal learning experience is a structured career curriculum designed to help you identify, explore, and connect with your post-MBA future. 

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Career Fair 2023

Tips and tricks from top recruiters

Participants of ESMT's 2023 Career Fair share advise for students as they look towards their post-MBA careers

Career Fair 2023

Our alumni share their 2023 Career Fair experiences

MBA Class of 2022 employment statistics

Graduates working in Germany
Average starting salary
Changed industry, role and location

Your Career Curriculum

The career curriculum will help you make your transition to a new industry, to greater responsibilities or a different field. Gain essential skills to navigate the changing labor market and secure your future career.

The full-time MBA program features a series of career development workshops and personal coaching sessions which are integrated into the course schedule. In addition, you can take advantage of company visits throughout Germany and on-campus recruiting events to begin networking with major employers.




Contact us


The Career Development Center team is here to answer your career-related questions and support your journey towards your dream career.

We look forward to guiding you in all stages of the job search, application and interview process.


Marcel Kalis

Director, Career Development Center



Sophie Schaefer

Deputy Director, Career Development Center

Andreza André da Rocha

Senior Career Development and Employer Relations Manager

Marco Stötzel

Career Development and Employer Relations Manager

Careers Blog

The ESMT Blog offers additional insight and information directly from our students. Explore the Careers page on the blog to get an inside look into the professional career development opportunities available with ESMT Berlin.

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