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Master Analytics Artificial Intelligence

Internships & projects

Master in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Work experience during your Master

The Master in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence program from ESMT Berlin puts you at the forefront of technology-driven disruption. 

Today, all business processes are data driven. The projects built into the master curriculum give you the opportunities for real world access to cutting-edge theory to become a leader of business transformation through the use of state-of-the-art data and automation. 

Explore your opportunities:

  • Computer Science courses

    ESMT collaborates with neue fische – School and Pool for Digital Talent to deliver a learning experience that remains close to the dynamically evolving software and applications landscape as well as to provide ESMT master’s students with more hands-on instruction in coding and analytics, preparing them for the demands of the job market.

  • Internships

    You can earn credits towards your degree by completing a mandatory internship between April and September of your first year of studies. The internship has a minimum duration of 12 weeks, but most students choose to do a longer internship of up to six months. ESMT's Career Services team helps you find the right opportunity and prepare professional and convincing applications for your chosen positions. Most students find their internships through a combination of engagement with ESMT's partners and open applications to companies of their choice.

    Germany is the most popular location for internships; however, you are allowed to do the internship anywhere in the world. Other locations in the past included the Netherlands, Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, France, South Korea, and Kenya.

    Internship Examples:

    • Adidas working as a Digital Analytics & Consumer Insights Intern
    • Bain & Company working as an Associate Consultant Intern

    • EY working in Consulting

    • Kearney working as a Summer Trainee

    • PwC working in International Project Finance

    • SAP working as aData Analyst

  • Analytics Student Consulting Project

    During term 4 you have the opportunity to participate in the Analytics Student Consulting Project. Join a team of fellow students to define a data-focused challenge in collaboration with technologically advanced companies who support the development of future data scientist and automation experts. Delve deep into the challenge with the support of a professional coach and develop your own solutions that will be presented to the partner company upon project completion. 


  • Portfolio Management Program

    The Portfolio Management Program (PMP) is an extracurricular project outside the formal master curriculum in which, if selected, you will actively manage a real-money portfolio of 1 million Euros per group with a total portfolio value of 3 million Euros. The concept of the PMP enables you to combine theory and practice to develop real trading strategies on the open market. 

    You will actively conduct financial and economic research and analysis to understand the fundamentals of investing and asset management. This will help you develop the necessary skills to take this real-money portfolio and further develop a strategy to allocate and manage the funds. 

    Learn more about the Portfolio Management Program here

Managing a real portfolio during your Master

Learn more about the Portfolio Management Program from Master student, Yves d'Hondt

MIM student insights

MIM student Raquel Gonzalez Rodriguez discusses her interest in the Global & Digital Strategy track, and shares highlights of her internship at RIMOWA.

The PMP in practice

Watch the video to learn more about what the hands-on Portfolio Management Program entails over the two years.

In their own words
Internship reflections

The integration of this 6-month internship in the Master curriculum at ESMT is the highlight of the whole program. It enabled me to use the knowledge I gained in the business world and it also helped me establish strong networks with top organizations.

Anish Kakroo, Master alum

A phenomenal growth journey in the world of investing and financial markets

Master student Omar El Maria reflects on his experience with the Portfolio Managament Program.

"I chose the PMP because the realm of investing is always dynamic, mixes aspects of art and science, and allows you to accumulate an immense amount of knowledge about how the world and economies function..."

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