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Gomba Careers

Global Online MBA Careers

Fast-track your career at your own pace
Career Services' aim is to support you in achieving your next career goal.

At this point in your career, you might want to move up in your current company or explore opportunities in a different sector. You might even be thinking about starting your own business.

Support from the Careers team is on demand and as flexible as the Global Online MBA program: It is available if and when you need it. If you require personalized coaching, you are able to book it at an additional cost. Participation in virtual networking events, the virtual/onsite Career Fair, career talk events, virtual company presentations, and much more are available free of charge to you as a Global Online MBA student, but not mandatory. You participate in career webinars and events whenever you feel it is beneficial to you.

The corporate network ESMT offers you is diverse. ESMT builds relations with large companies, medium-sized enterprises, and the vibrant startup scene across Germany. Networking is and will be a key element in making the next career step, and Career Services is dedicated to connecting you with ESMT alumni in varied industries and sectors across the globe.

    How Career Services helps you

    Career Services on offer

    You can access informational videos on ESMT’s technology platform the HUB such as:

    • How to write an impactful CV and Cover Letter
    • How to improve your networking skills
    • How to profile yourself best on social media

    Additional services available include:

    • Annual MBA Talent Forum in November (on campus & virtual)
    • Annual Career Fair in January (on campus & virtual)
    • Virtual Company and Career talks 
    • ESMT job and alumni portals
    • Five 1-hour coaching sessions with a professional coach (650€ excl. 19% VAT)

    Benefits for your career

    • Share your practice and know-how with a global peer-group of managers and gain from their collective experience and insights
    • Grow academically and professionally while maintaining your work-life balance
    • Decide when you take which modules, and take study breaks of several months or a year
    • Apply new skills immediately through unique course assignments and integrated project structure
    • Cross-cultural competencies via online collaboration with diverse participants
    • Build a strong network and connections across industries
    • Become part of ESMT’s strong global alumni network
    Career Services

    Director of Career Services Marcel Kalis gives an introduction to the career services on offer for Global Online MBA students