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Snake oil and cat pics – the (sad) state of business cybersecurity

What does the business cybersecurity landscape look like today? Were you to believe Hollywood, you would imagine a pimply-faced teen hacker working from a dark basement for a stylish but likeable band of thieves. The realities, however, are far more sinister – involving sophisticated cyber espionage rings backed by nation states using surveillance capitalism, ransomware, and zero-click attacks on financial markets, critical infrastructure, and military defense systems. For companies navigating this landscape, there are additional, significant challenges: namely, underdeveloped (but overhyped) security software, a pervasive talent shortage, and exorbitant costs. And then there are those colleagues who just can’t stop clicking on those – innocent-appearing but anything-but – cat pictures … 

In episode #15 of Campus 10178, the ESMT Berlin podcast, we speak with Marc Goodman of the Future Crimes Institute and Sandro Gaycken of the Digital Society Institute at ESMT Berlin about how businesses manage (and mismanage) the threats, traps, and realities of cybercrime. The two speak frankly about the big lies of the cybersecurity marketplace debate cyber defense strategies, lament the state of talent recruiting, and detail the high costs of securing our digital lives.  

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